Massive Hands-On Review: Sony’s New a6300 Plus Lenses From Canon & Zeiss & Sony

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Our good friend Hugh Brownstone has posted an awesome hands-on review with the Sony A6300 and a whole bunch of different lenses from Canon & Zeiss & Sony as well as doing some comparisons to the sony a7R Mark II

There's a lot to learn from Hugh's review – and I love that Hugh has taken some philosophical analysis… and the thing that I gathered from him is – often we get too wrapped up in the details of gear.

There is no perfect camera – and there won't be for… well probably forever. We always want more :)

I hope you enjoy

Oh, and please don't just watch the video… read what Hugh has to say in his post… there's a LOT of meat in there!

Thanks Hugh!



I go a little bit nuts in Miami trying to find what’s awesome and what’s not with Sony’s new a6300 and G-Master lenses. I’ll be adding more photos shortly. I apologize in advance if it’s a lot to take in. My brain hurts.

I have a tendency to break things. Not out of anger or carelessness, but instead because I often ask them to do things they’re not really designed to do.

But I also to tend to learn a lot. Sometimes I even manage NOT to break things.

And — as you know – I like to share what I learn.

Last week I had the opportunity to go hands on for several days with Sony’s about-to-be-released a6300  [B&H|Amazon] and their incredible new G-Master series lenses, the 85mm f/1.4  [B&H|Amazon]  and 24-70 f/2.8  [B&H|Amazon] – along with their less dramatic 70-200mm f/4. Oh – and to reacquaint myself with the a7R II  [B&H|Amazon] .

It was the perfect opportunity to go a little nuts, so I brought some other gear with me, too, like Canon’s legendary 300mm f/2.8L IS USM II and the Zeiss Touit 12mm f/2.8  [B&H|Amazon] .

With that context, let me introduce you to philosophical musing #1 — the concept of kando.

Source: Massive Hands-On Review: I Mount Canon’s Stonkin’ 300mm f/2.8L USM II to Sony’s New a6300. Plus a6300 Low Light Test, Rolling Shutter Test, Sony’s New G-Master Lenses, and Zeiss Touit 12mm f/2.8. — Three Blind Men & an Elephant Blog

(cover photo credit: snap from Hugh Brownstone)

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  1. William Sommerwerck

    Having reviewed audio equipment for many years, I see you sliding toward the career of manufacturer’s shill. Your (presumably honest) enthusiasm has to be tempered by restraint and common sense.

    If you say a particular lens and imaging system produce superior images — technically and/or aesthetically — then you //have// to show this. Otherwise, why should anyone believe you? Your presentation looks great full-screen on my semi-pro ASUS monitor — but I see nothing that demonstrates those images are superior to the same images produced by some other lens/imager combination.

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