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I can't believe I've missed this one in the past, but that happens 

This young man (at least at the time LOL) was in his 12th year of school (senior in high school for those of us in the US)… and he put together this very nice compilation of tips for getting the ‘film look' with DSLR footage.

He's gotten well over a million views since it was uploaded in 2014 and that's just incredible! We should all be so lucky.

Now it does turn out that he's also gotten some fame for developing a new computer controlling device (which includes TVs and lights and other things as well) that is a glove. Not bad for someone under 20!

Any way, we often forget that there are still people coming into DSLR filmmaking and this is for them.

Description from youtube

See more of my work at my website: – Australian Year 12 student.
A tutorial for beginning filmmakers to create a cinematic look with your footage for low budget film making. In this video I cover the basic cameras settings to achieve a common style and some effective editing techniques to begin with. Have a read of the comments – some much more qualified people have shared their useful tips.

As this film is aimed for absolute beginners – I highly recommend Fenchel & Janisch's more advanced (and more qualified) tutorial:

Something I did not mention is that you can use a neutral-density filter to reduce amount of light entering the camera. This will allow you to shoot with a wide aperture in bright daylight while keeping the exposure correct.

While I mentioned you could overlay an image with black bars to make a 2.35:1 aspect ratio, some filmmakers in the comments suggested it's better to make the project itself the correct ratio so that films display better on ultra-widescreen displays (they are 100% right). You can change this in the composition settings or in the export settings in premiere – for 1080p footage the resolution will then be 1920×810 pixels (rather than 1920×1080). If you still want to use the template to letterbox the video you can download the template here:

Jake Coppinger, Year 12 student.
See more of my film and other work at my website –

If you're curious about the ‘glove' – visit his site:

There's also this very popular tutorial:

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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