Hedge for Mac, a Stress-Free, Simple Way to Import Video or Photos – Mini Review Included! UPDATED WITH 33% OFF YEARLY

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    UPDATE: planet5D discount!

    From Hedge management today:

    Thanks for the review, the response has been huge! We had a lot of demand for a one year license instead of a monthly, so we decided to feature that more prominently on the site. On top of that we’d like to give your readers a 33% launch discount.
    This is the discount url: www.hedgeformac.com?ref=planet5d
    Thanks again!
    Paul Matthijs
    CEO, The Sync Factory

    Original story: Creatives like you and me are always shooting stuff and then needing to copy video and/or photos off multiple cards from a shoot. I'll bet you've wished for a simple way to do that… and maybe even make duplicate copies at the same time… or even process multiple source cards without thinking…

    That time is now.

    Welcome to Hedge!

    I've been testing Hedge for a couple of weeks and love the simplicity. It does take a couple of minutes to get set up but after that, it is a charm. Simple.

    That's what I like in something that has a dedicated function. Simple. And yet Hedge is also very sophisticated since you can copy multiple source cards to multiple destinations at the same time!

    Like to have 2 or 3 or more copies of the source coming off your CF/SD card? Simple. Specify 2 or 3 destinations and Hedge takes care of copying to all those locations at once!

    Yes, you can use the Mac OS X finder to do it, but this is so dang simple in comparison.

    So if you're a data tech for a living on set or just a photographer who loves to have her files backed up, then this is a great app to have! And, there's a free version! The free version is fully featured, but limited to two simultaneous transfers. Otherwise, they're asking $15 a month or $150 for a year outside the EU, €15/€150 within the EU.

    Now, before I let you see the press details from Hedge, ever have a problem where you grab a card and can't remember if you copied the files off of it? Then let me remind you of this simple trick I learned from @stillmotion. I use it all the time and it makes so much sense!

    What is Hedge for Mac?

    Hedge for MAC feat image

    Hedge is the stress-free way to import video. It streamlines the process of importing data from cameras. Hedge creates multiple copies simultaneously, and guarantees every copy is bit-for-bit perfect.

    We designed Hedge to reduce time spent on video admin, freeing up creatives for more inspiring work.

    The first beta version of Hedge was created in September 2015, and Hedge was publicly released March 22nd 2016.

    What’s New?

    Version 1.0, released March 22nd 2016
    With this update we fix a lot of things, and introduce our free to use version.


    • Verification now uses xxHash instead of MD5 (15% faster imports!)
    • SD cards using a Mac’s SD slot are now ejectable too.
    • Scripting requires you to accept liability first.
    • Shell scripts are now supported.


    • Navigate to your Destination folders from the disk menu.
    • Transfers show what file their working on, and what they're doing.
    • Disks in the Connected Disk view now sort a lot nicer.
    • ’All transfers done' is a modal now.
    • Double clicking a disk opens it in Finder.


    • You can’t accidentally use an blank Folder Format.
    • Destination folders are hidden from the disk menu on Sources.
    • Disks in Sources and Destination are now sorted on add.
    • Much clearer ‘disk is almost full' alert.
    • You now get an alert when the disk permissions might be set wrong.
    • No more autocomplete when renaming disks.
    • Add ‘Open in Finder' button to duplicate destination directory error.
    • Improved the free and used space indication.
    • When importing less than 1 GB disk space shows MB (or even KB).
    • Certain disk menu items disable based on disk type.
    • Show a label when a disk is busy ejecting.
    • ‘Start Transfers’ is now ‘Show transfers' when there are active transfers.
    • Rename disks from the disk menu too.


    • Select source folder, will return someday…
    • Removed a superfluous ‘copying finished’ notification.

    Hedge for MAC transfers

    Hedge for Mac Features

    Multiple backups
    Create backups for yourself, post-production, the director, all at once. Hedge imports files while verifying others, optimizing bandwidth and saving hours.

    File validation
    Unlike with the Finder, every file imported by Hedge is cross-referenced with other copies to ensure it’s bit-for-bit perfect.

    Extendable workflows
    Hedge can autolaunch your AppleScripts, to process your footage or connect it to an existing workflow. Sort, transcode, rename, tag, it’s all possible.

    Increased Confidence
    Every card ejected by Hedge is guaranteed to have been copied to all the drives you specified. We want to make sure you never erase footage that hasn't been imported yet.

    If your Mac connects to it, Hedge can work with it. All regular hard drives are supported, just like REDMAGs, CF(ast), XQD, SxS and P2 disks.


    • Mac 64-bit, OS X 10.10 and up
    • Flash disks to copy, external drives to write to
    • A dislike of mind-numbing tasks

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When will Hedge be available?
    Hedge 1.0 is released on March 22nd 2016, and available for download on www.hedgeformac.com

    What are the system requirements?
    Hedge works on 64-bit Macs running Mac OS X 10.10 or up.

    How much will Hedge cost?
    $15 a month or $150 for a year outside the EU, €15/€150 within the EU. This way EU businesses can get a direct VAT deduction at checkout.

    The free version is fully featured, but limited to two simultaneous transfers. Subscriptions can be paused or cancelled at any time.

    How can Hedge be purchased?
    Via our website, through FastSpring.

    Direct store link: www.hedgeformac.com/store

    What are the license conditions?
    Purchases through FastSpring are for a personal license. It’s valid for every Mac that one personally owns.

    Is there a trial version available?
    The free version is fully functional, but limited to two simultaneous transfers.

    Also, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll refund you.

    Are updates free?
    All updates are included within the subscription.

    Visit www.hedgeformac.com for more information.

    (cover photo credit: snap from Hedge)

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