Filmmaking Collaboration Wrapped in Adobe Premiere Pro! This Integration Will Turn Your Head And Blow It UP!

by planetMitchLeave a Comment has blown our minds before and they're doing it again… this time using Adobe Premiere Pro as a wrapper for their collaboration tool.

This isn't your grandfather's or even your father's collaboration… this is the future talking.

When was first launched, we told you about it.

We even had an exclusive chat with them “We Eat Our Own Dog Food:” planet5D Exclusive Interview with

Now don't panic, the web version of will still be there for your customers and non-editors to use for their collaboration bits. This will just streamline the process for those touching the editing tool on your project. Imagine being able to see your customers comments directly in your editing process! Astounding!

Take that FCPX!

Oh wait, that's what I use to edit… hmmm… damn! LOL [bctt tweet=”Dang! Look at this filmmaking collaboration tool embedded in Premiere!”] Meets Adobe Premiere Pro Meets Adobe Premiere Pro. This. Changes. Everything.


We've been quite. Too quiet. Today, I'm very excited to share a sneak peek of our most ambitious project to date. A real-time collaboration layer for Adobe Premiere Pro. It's much more than an integration, it's the entire application, redesigned and reengineered for Adobe's panel architecture. Meets Adobe Premiere Pro

This product is based on decades of real world experience sitting in the editors chair. It's the most direct and communicative workflow for collaboration between your team members and clients.

With for Premiere Pro, we're laying the foundation for what we believe to be truly transformative workflows. It's the next generation of professional video collaboration. Sign up to get early access and be notified when it's ready!

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