An Exclusive @stillmotion Muse Storytelling Offer – Get “Conduct Remarkable Interviews” $149 Training FREE

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We've told you about @stillmotion's Muse training before several times… but I know a few of you have been holding back and thinking about it. Well good news! 

They've re-designed Muse a little (making it more affordable by taking out some expensive bits which you can still get if you need them) AND they've added a new course called “Conduct Remarkable Interviews” which will retail for $147 — BUT if you join Muse before midnight this Thursday, you'll get that for FREE!

A lifetime membership for Muse is now just $327 USD. Join by Thursday using code, planet5d_interviews, and you'll also be enrolled in How To Conduct Remarkable Interviews ($147 value) at no extra charge!

So…what is Muse?

Muse Storytelling for Filmmakers

Via Muse Storytelling, Inc:

Muse is a proven process to help you craft the stories you've been dreaming of.

Join Muse before Thursday at 11:59 PM PST and you will get lifetime access to our brand new course, How To Conduct Remarkable Interviews, at absolutely no extra cost to you (regularly $147 USD).

How Muse Will Transform Your Filmmaking

How Muse Will Transform Your Filmmaking

5 Ways Muse Helps You Go Deep With Story:

  1. Learn your way with video tutorials, audio-only versions, and lesson recaps.
  2. Downloadable worksheets to practice and apply the concepts right away.
  3. Case studies to see the concepts in real-world films.
  4. Access to a global network of Musers who share your love of story,
  5. A weekly email digest to support your learning and help you stay on track.

Learn more about MUSE.

Muse Storytelling Expands Online Filmmaking Education Selection with New Course, How to Conduct Remarkable Interviews

Via Muse Storytelling Press:

PORTLAND, Ore. (March 2, 2016) — How to Conduct Remarkable Interviews, the latest online filmmaking educational offering from Muse Storytelling, Inc. is available for sale Tuesday, March 8, 2016.

Conducting remarkable interviews isn't luck. It's not about finding that perfect person who can deliver perfectly articulate and passionate answers every time you hit record.

The course, developed by Stillmotion and based on years of experience in the field and research into psychology, sociology, and neurology, is a complete course that features a series of techniques for developing that connection with any character and creating a space where he can go deeper and be his true self.

These techniques work for interviews, pre-interviews, and shooting b-roll with your characters.

The course is broken down into six module with more than 15 skill-building videos and written tutorials, including how to prepare questions, the golden rule of interviews, overcoming common challenges, what to do before and after the interview, and features real, full-length, uncut interviews that put the techniques into practice.

Pre-registration is currently open. The course retails for $147 USD.


Muse Storytelling, Inc. a band of psychologists, engineers, anthropologists, writers, filmmakers, and researchers who spend their days not only crafting stories, but researching and writing about the intricacies of story and teaching to others. As part of Stillmotion, they’ve earned multiple Emmys, told stories for some of the world’s largest brands including CBS, Apple, and Canon, and taught the storytelling process Muse at workshops around the world.

Affiliate Disclaimer: yup, I'm an affiliate with @stillmotion and using the links above when you purchase will indeed help feed the planet5D satellites (my children) and send them to college.

(cover photo credit: snap from Muse Storytelling)

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