Uninterrupted power for your DSLR (and many other devices) from

by planetMitch

I saw Ron Risman post this on Facebook and was instantly curious. Ron did our recent webinar on timelapse you'll remember (which is still available for free!)

What's exciting about this is you can power your DSLR (or many other systems that have USB power – note that the DSLR is not powered via the USB slot but other devices can be) with any power source and be able to switch power sources on the fly without losing power!

Imagine being able to shoot without worrying about the battery dying!

The Case Relay Camera Power System retails for $99.99 and includes a bit of battery to power your camera while switching sources. You'll need to buy additional connectors so the cost to you will be higher, but imagine having just one uninterrupted power source for your long shoots!

Tether Tools Case Relay Power System

caes relay diagram

Watch this video for much more info:


This looks pretty dang cool. I just bought an external battery, but being able to switch power sources on the fly without losing the timelapse or long video would be killer.

What do you think? Cool or not?
via Tether Tools Unveils Case Relay Power System for Infinite Camera Power

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)