Sony’s Sensors Sales Stall In The Last Quarter of 2015

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Sony just can’t seem to keep out of the news recently. Most of the time it's been positive news, too. In fact, for the additions to their A7 series line and the FS5 (some minor issues) and the FS7, it’s been overwhelmingly positive.That makes it all the more surprising to see that Sony has taken a major hit on sensor sales in the past quarter.

Not only has Sony made some groundbreaking cameras recently, they’ve been on the cutting edge of sensor technology for even longer. In fact, in 2014, 40% of all camera sales included Sony sensors. With that kind of productivity it’s hard to imagine that it was ever sustainable, and indeed, in 2015 they raised 4 billion just to maintain what the already had.

One distinction that’s important to make is that this drop in sales is directly correlated to the drop smart phone sales and not a sign of a drop in their Mirrorless line. Which isn’t all that surprising. The vast majority of their sensors were sold for applications other than conventional DSLR and Mirrorless functions.

For the next year, I believe we can expect to see Sony steady out with it’s sales and probably try to find new ways to redirect their advanced sensor tech to new outlets.

Sony’s Image Sensor Business Hits a Wall, Sees Major Drop in Sales

Sony's Sensors Sales Stall In The Last Quarter of 2015

Via PetaPixel:

Sony’s image sensor business has seen meteoric growth in recent times, but it seems that things are now cooling down. The company just reported its earnings for its latest quarter, and things aren’t looking as rosy as they were before: Sony reports a “significant” decrease in image sensor sales.

The news is surprising, given how powerful and unstoppable the business looked just months ago. 40% of all image sensors sold in 2014 were made by Sony, and Sony raised $4 billion in funding last year to ramp up sensor production as it struggled to keep up with demand. The business is even being spun off as its own entity later this year.

But during the latest fiscal quarter ending on December 31st, 2015, Sony saw a 12.6% decrease in sales in its Devices segment.

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Source: Sony via Image Sensors World

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  1. “he drop smart phone sales and not a sign of a drop in their Mirrorless line”  ???? 
    Are you sure ? 
    Sony just published and telling -5% sales with mirrorless in imaging segment and -12.6% phone sensors sales in devices segment. 

    In japan they lost in 2015 25% of their market shares in mirrorless segment falling n°2 while Canon got 13.6% of the mirrorless market and is n° 3???

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