Rumor Roundup – new Canon EOS C500? Canon 250mp Sensor? Canon EOS 5D Mark IV? What do you think is coming?

by planetMitch

I did a bit of surfing this morning looking to see what's up on the rumor front… I suspect you do that now and then too?

With NAB coming up, I thought there would maybe be more.

Of course, I think it is about time for that new Canon EOS 5D Mark IV – it has been a good while since the 5D3 was announced (March 2012) and with typical Canon refresh cycles on the pro cams being about 3 years, I'd say we're overdue. Remember of course that Canon is aiming their DSLRs at photographers and filmmakers they want to push to the cinema EOS line… just sayin.

Here are a few of the interesting stories I found:

Canon Talks 250mp APS-H Image Sensor at ISSCC

Canon is once again talking about their 250mp image sensor that they showcased at the Canon EXPO back in September. This time, they’ve presented a paper at the ISSCC 2016 Conference (All About Sensors).

via Canon Talks 250mp APS-H Image Sensor at ISSCC

Canon C500 Mark II at NAB [CR2]

We’re told Canon will let us know something at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas about the Cinema EOS C500 Mark II, though there may not be an official announcement.

We reported back in 2014 that Canon was gearing up to develop an “A” camera to compete with current market leader ARRI, and that the C500 replacement would like fill that spot.

We first reported back in April of 2015 that Canon was going to go above 4K in the Cinema EOS C500 replacement, and that such camera would be announced in mid 2016. Canon themselves confirmed this by letting the world know at Canon EXPO in September that they were working on an 8K Cinema EOS camera.

We expect to hear a lot more about the Cinema EOS lineup in the coming weeks.

via Canon C500 Mark II at NAB [CR2]

The Russian Zenit (?????) camera brand coming back to life

The Russian state corporation Rostec is planning to bring back to life the Zenit camera brand. Here is the Google translated news flash:

State Corporation “Rostec” intends to revive the brand “Zenith” cameras

“Rostec” plans to revive the brand of camera “Zenit”. On Monday at a press breakfast in Moscow, said the director of “Rostec” Communications and Strategic Studies Vasily Brovko. “This is a very high demand product, we want to make it a luxury device, by analogy with the Leica», – noted Brovko. In “Rostec” includes Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant, which in Soviet times produced the most popular cameras in the USSR “Zenith”.

via The Russian Zenit (?????) camera brand coming back to life

Would you buy a m43 camera with Black and White sensor?

One way to get larger pixels, the maximum possible sharpness and resolution is…to get rid of colors! Leica did it with the M Monochrome camera ($7950!). I was wondering if you think a Black And White Micro Four Thirds camera would be a nice addition to the system:

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And don't miss this if you didn't see it yesterday:

Autofocus? According to Techart the Answer is…

According to the PR from Techart, their answer is YES with their Techart PRO Autofocus adapter for Sony E mount cameras.

The demo video is impressive in the technology – moving the lens in and out to achieve focus – but I’m a bit cautious about the AF speed. They claim it is less than a second, but having used slow point and shoots or adapters on something like the Sony A7s with Canon lenses, I was disappointed with the speed. We’ll have to see but concept is very intriguing. Maybe we’re willing to sacrifice a little to use the vast array of older manual focus lenses? Would you?

via Can Manual Focus Lenses and an Adapter Do Autofocus? According to Techart the Answer is…

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