Quick Impressions of Aputure’s New VS-1 FineHD

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Aputure just sent us their brand new VS-1 FineHD, an upgraded version of their entry level  7” monitor now sporting a more than full HD 1920 x 1200 display. We’re talking Atomos Ninja Assassin territory here (at least as far as the display itself is concerned), now available on Amazon for just under $200. Then again, the Assassin is also an outstanding 4K recorder with a full suite of assists for exposure and focus including 3D LUTS, as well as the best touch screen interface I've seen in a monitor. So yeah, OK,just a little different.

I loved Aputure’s VS-2 7” monitor when I tested it last year. A bright, 7” display with focus and exposure assists is da bomb, and the VS-2 was very keenly priced, well-designed and fully-spec’d – even including case and Sony-style battery — missing only false color in my personal checklist.

The guys sent over the latest version of the the model sitting just below the VS-2, the VS-1. Now called the VS-1 FineHD, it is their new entry level 7” display.

The new unit is housed in the the same well-designed chassis as last year’s VS-1, VS-2 and top-end VS-3, and the new screen is smokin’: not only 1920 x 1200 resolution, but 450 nits brightness and a 1200:1 contrast ratio (compared to last year’s 1024 x600, 400 nit, 800:1 unit).

What the VS-1 FineHD omits, however, are many of the things that made last year’s mid-line VS-2 so compelling, among them exposure assists, focus peaking, Sony-style battery, and case (it still comes with sunshade, hot shoe mount, cleaning cloth, and direct a/c brick).

Depending on your preferences, this may be a set of trade-offs that works well for you.

The paradox – and the arbitrage opportunity for those of you who willing t0 forego the higher resolution but are loathe to give up the assists – is that while supplies last, last year’s VS-2 price has been reduced and can now be had for the same price as the VS-1 FineHD – just under $200 (let me be clear, though: the new screen at this price is stellar).

Then again, if you don’t care about the assists, battery, case, or even the 1900 x 1200 display, the original VS-1 – again while supplies last – has been reduced to a rock-bottom $110.

Finally, the simultaneously released and screen-upgraded VS-2 FineHD seems to have inherited all the goodness of last year’s VS-2 plus last year’s VS-3 false color (though not the VS-3’s HDMI loop-through) and the same new screen as the VS-1 FineHD. Once  again, while supplies last, the VS-2 FineHD and VS-3 are priced just about the same at $320-$330.

These are all well-designed, keenly priced monitors that will at the very least improve the quality of your composition (the difference between any of these and the rear LCD on any camera is night and day, allowing you to see things you'd otherwise miss).

Call it, as the Brits would, “spoilt for choice.”

Aputure VS-1 FineHD Digital 7inch LCD Field Video Monitor,V-Screen VS-1 FineHD Field Monitor Accepts HDMI AV for DSLR Camcorder

Aputure VS-1 FineHD 1

Via Amazon:

  • Compatible with : Nikon , canon , panasonic , Fuji , sanyo , sony cameras and camcorders
  • Aputure V-Screen VS-1 FineHD is a professional field monitor with a 7-inch LCD Screen (1920×1200 native resolution), which provides diverse video interface, such as HDMI, YPbPr,and AV. Also, VS-1 FineHD features Monochrome, and Safe Area.
  • High resolution 1920*1200
  • LTPS screen technology
  • Extra OSD, get more information

Aputure VS-1 FineHD 2

Product Description

New cables(HDMI A type to D type). And Power adapter cable(D type to DC) Supports various signal inputs(HDMI, YPbPr & AV) Multiple shortcut options Double power supply Speaker and headset stereo output Firmware updates via US Six language choices Simple & elegant design Slim & light body Universal hot shoe mount with swiveling head Sunshade cover to monitor in bright sunlight Uses industry-standard 1/4″ screw mount Fits various combinations with Magic Hand Package Including: HDMI(A type-C type) HDMI(A Type-D Type) Power adapter cable(D tap-DC) Firmware update cable Warranty card Sun hood Universal hot shoe mount Product manual

Learn more about Aputure VS-1 FineHD.

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