Panasonic GH5 To Have 6k Video? We’ll Not Find Out Until Photokina In September

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43Rumors found a post on an asian site claiming the next iteration of the Panasonic GH4, probably the GH5, will have 6k video. 

Tho the article does not specifically mention which Panasonic camera – declaring it will be the GH5 is again a guess. And the speculation is this will be announced at Photokina

Of course, at this point it is pure speculation, but interesting none the less. This would be potentially the first low cost 6k video camera on the market. The only other ones I'm aware of are REDs.

Now there's not a lot of information here, and using Google translate can be a challenge, but it does appear that the speculation is 6k video.

Would that make you switch to Panasonic?

The other statement is that the 4k video would be up to 60fps as well. If I read the google translation correctly, this page suggests 120fps 4k in a second version? “Another model corresponds to the same four times the 4K video, improve the continuous shooting speed to twice the 60 frames per second and the current machine.”

Is this escalating into another megapixel race? I know Japan has adopted 4k video much faster than the rest of the world because they have the internet bandwidth/pipes to handle it, but delivery sure isn't available yet for 4k on most of the planet.

I also remember hearing that Panasonic wanted to have 8k delivery ready for the 2020 olympics. So this would be a great step in that direction.

It does make you think doesn't it? What are your thoughts?

Panasonic GH5 faked image borrowed from

Panasonic GH5 faked image borrowed from

Google translation of the Digicame-info post (which sources the

Panasonic 6K30fps during the 2016 fiscal year, the 4K60fps correspondence of mirror-less camera is turned on

The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, information about the Panasonic consumer 6K corresponding mirror-less camera has been published.

Panasonic, mirror-less single-lens camera input that can shoot video 6K

  • Panasonic during the 2016 fiscal year, the resolution is a to-market a total of two models of the new mirror-less single-lens camera which gave such as the ability to shoot nine times 6K videos of full high-definition. 6K video corresponding machine is the industry's first in consumer cameras.
  • Current machine cut out the moment of the still image from 4K shooting video of 30 frames per second, but in the new model high-definition, increase the performance in terms of high-speed continuous shooting. While the digital camera market is shrinking, mirror-less is to maintain the growth, further extended in the new.
  • 6K video compatible models shooting a smooth video of 30 frames per second.Additionally high-definition image of about 18 million pixels in cutting out the still image is obtained. Another model corresponds to the same four times the 4K video, improve the continuous shooting speed to twice the 60 frames per second and the current machine.
[source: 43rumors via digicame-info]

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  1. Yes, we have the megapixel race, the low light high ISO race, the dynamic range race, the Swiss army knife camera race. Why not video resolution race! I can only imagine editing 6K…. well, I can’t. But, Panasonic does trickle things down to the rest of the cameras later on, and that’s a good thing. I also would think IF (and it’s a big IF) they do release this camera, I can see new lenses coming with it too. 
    It’s a good time for the camera revolution. Now, if only my pocket could keep up with it…. 
    I remember the GH4 being constantly back ordered when it first came out…

  2. Ugh, now I’m wondering if I should get the A7sII I was planning on getting or wait for this.

  3. It’s a “rumor”. No one knows for sure (except Panasonic) what the GH5 will be like. It’s several months away, I believe. There is more to a camera than just the body. Look at the camera ecosystem too. If you are going to use the camera “now” and often, why not go with the Sony? Also, it’s the low light king “now”, is available “now”, and you can use it “now”.

  4. Reyfox Believe me I’ve already told myself this BUT I don’t really need it “now”. In a few months sure but have it now would just be nice. I already sold my “now” camera (Canon 5D MKIII) to upgrade to something better. Ah well, I’m waiting until after NAB anyway so maybe that’ll help my decision.

  5. Dosed Reyfox I think Panasonic plans on saying something around September at the Photokina. Not sure. But if you aren’t in a rush… 
    I waited for Canon’s answer to the GH4… they came out with the XC10. So, I went Panasonic. Now, I too am waiting to see what the GH5 will be like. I really happen to like Canon color and look, but I want something smaller and lighter for my backpack and biking trips. Right now, Nikon has entered the sub $1000 market with 3 4K cameras… 1 bridge, 2 compacts…. I wonder what they have in store for the future DSLR market…. interesting times!

  6. I am so far away from being interested in 6K – I just want a better codec that allows me to grade vlog better without having to record externally.

  7. The Japanese newspaper said there will be 2 cameras come out in 2016 from panasonic.
    One is 6K30p and the other on is 4K60P

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