Magic Lantern Tackles Open Source AXIOM Beta Image Sensor

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Now this is interesting! A combination of Magic Lantern ingenuity with the Apertus open source camera? Genius

We've been following the progress of the Apertus and Magic Lantern projects for years and their progress is outstanding. Inspiring to see people banding together to build something without needing to worry about corporate needs and bureaucracy. The Magic Lantern team is one of the largest combined collaborative software teams on the planet.

And for Apertus to reach out to A1ex from Magic Lantern feels like another brilliant move. I can't wait to see where this goes.

I haven't been keeping up much with Magic Lantern lately… maybe I need to dig back into that… anyone out there a Magic Lantern expert that will help me?

The article on the Apertus site describes a lot of their latest progress with the sensor and is pretty technical – so if you like that geeky stuff, or are just curious, dive over to this page.

From the Apertus update:

Over the course of the last few months, A1ex from the Magic Lantern team has been leading the efforts to capture tens of thousands of still images with our AXIOM Beta prototype to measure and analyze a wide range of image sensor characteristics. To get the most out of the image one has to really understand what is going on inside the silicon and how all the different aspects influence each other.

We have learned a lot and were able to draw a number of conclusions and methods for improving the image quality already, but all in all, we are still in the middle of getting to grips with the image sensor. And since both the AXIOM Beta and AXIOM Gamma intially utilize the CMV12000 image sensor any results and workflows obtained can be used for both cameras.

This article intends to give a brief overview of some of the most important topics we are currently working on with links to the corresponding wiki pages containing more complete in-depth information.

Source: Magic Lantern getting to grips with the AXIOM Beta image sensor | apertus° – open source cinema

(cover photo credit: snap from the team)

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