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planetMitch note: This is the first of a series of posts being sent to us from Inspiration Academy… I'm proud to be partnering with them to highlight what this HIGH SCHOOL (note the ages of these kids!) doing for their students by having an awesome filmmaking program.

I've been working with them and their leader Ryan Detzel and I'm excited to see where this goes. I know you'll enjoy seeing what young people are able to accomplish. It is very inspiring!

When did you start learning photography or video? My love for photography started after I graduated college and I didn't get into video until the Canon EOS 5D Mark II revolution started. Tho now that I think about it, I did produce a short dual slide projector with audio project with my friend Allen in one class in high school… but we certainly didn't have a complete film program like this!

This is from Ryan:

the blog written by 11th grader Leah Morgan about our film academy program. The students have been busy developing lots of media and so they have been juggling their time slots to complete another post about their stop motion lab (note that will be coming soon on planet5D). Photos taken by another junior Isaiah Rivera.

Inspiration Film Academy – Time Lapse Camp

Inspiration Film Academy

By Leah Morgan

Inspiration Academy is an independent Christian school located in Bradenton, Florida. The school employs an innovative and individualized approach to learning. Not only are students encouraged to achieve academically, but to also follow their passions.

Inspiration offers a wide variety of programs designed to equip students with the knowledge they need to pursue a career in their desired field. Baseball, tennis, film, dance, music, broadcasting, sand volleyball, theater and art are all academies that are offered. Each academy has the latest technology and its own unique methods to give students a hands-on education in their field.

Inspiration Film Academy is set apart from other school programs as it provides student’s access to the latest technology for production and post-production. The editing suite is 4K ready in addition to being capable of full studio recording capabilities. Film students are gaining real world experience and professional editing skills using these tools for real world clients.

The money that is raised by the work the kids due goes directly back into their classroom budget. Students also have access to some of the highest quality cameras on the market, such as the Sony A7S II, Canon 5D III, Canon C 100, and the Red Scarlet.

Along with editing, students learn the roles of a director, cinematographer, and sound engineer. All of this is done in a student-lead, studio environment. The program is tailored to the student’s interests as each one chooses which role he or she wants to follow, but by the completion of their education, students learn every role in the studio.




The students have created their own production company called “White Box Productions” where they take on real clients with a variety of photo and video needs. There are nine students in film academy and each have an individual part in the company and experiment with different roles depending on the project.

The program differentiates students by their experience. Autumn is a fourth year student and is driven by her artistic nature. She is interested in motion design and illustration. Isaiah enjoys the technical aspect of film and is a third year student. He is primarily focused on cinematography and photography. Leah is a second year who loves telling stories with photography and videos. She is concentrating on cinematography and editing.

Kenny, Ethan, Sam, Max, Emily, and Maria are all first year students. Kenny favors cinematography, writing, and photography. Ethan has a background in photography, but is focused on cinematography and editing. Sam loves editing and the post-production side of film. Max is primarily an editor but he also enjoys writing. Emily aspires to write and direct films. Maria is artistic and has a passion for photography.

Since the beginning of this year, Film Academy has completed a diverse range of projects. There have been promotional videos for fund raising, individual film reels, edits of school retreat footage, and a commercial for a local business convention.




The kids have had plenty of fun fooling around with super slow-mo HD video on the new A7S II that is in house. They have animated objects through stop motion photography on a Canon 7D and some even camped for the first time to shoot time lapse of the night sky with Canon 5D’s.

All in all, it has been a busy year but looking to the new year, 2016 will surely bring more storytelling and innovation with all the upcoming projects.

Leah Morgan Bio:

I'm a second year film student at Inspiration Academy.  I primarily work in the camera department of WhiteBox Productions. I enjoy all aspects of production, but have recently  been experimenting with the roles of assistant camera operator and director of photography.

Through Film Academy, I have had the opportunity to participate in a wide range of projects and I have discovered my true passion. Film making is special to me as it's not only a way to express my thoughts, but also a way to impact culture and spread awareness.

There are quite a few movies that have changed my perspective on life and I hope what I create has the same effect on others. Although film is my primary interest, I also play piano and have serious love of music.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Good for Planet5D supporting these kids. WOW! They are so far ahead of where I was in my college days and it’s great. This is how the “art” in what we do will advance in leaps and bounds.  These kids will already know the technical and the basics so they can focus on great story telling. I applaud them and wish them all the success in the world.  Thanks for sharing Mitch.

  2. These young whipper snappers are certainly cooking with gas. Good to see the younger generation pull their finger out instead of just sitting there watching video games and eating McDonalds.

  3. stantod thanks! I am always encouraged by the positive things kids are doing… we often hear so much about the negative so I’m hoping to show more uplifting things around here 🙂

  4. Wallen Jennings heck, when I was in high school, we didn’t even have computers! (dating myself here)… we did have photography tho, but you had to really want to shoot. Not like these kids these days that have it so easy with their smartphones eh? LOL

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