Convergent Design Upping The Ante Yet Again With Another Round Of Amazing Updates

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When the Odyssey 7q+ was released, Convergent Design had big promises to go with their impressive hardware. But if you were an early adopter, you had to wait. If you’re one of the customers that waited patiently, that patience is finally paying off.

Convergent Design has gone on somewhat of a tear as of late, releasing updates for their hardware and software that really take their monitor/ recorder to the next level.

The biggest, and honestly, the most impressive update to the Odyssey 7Q+ is the Dual 4k and Quad 1080p 60fps update. Yes, you read that right. Dual 4K recording. This truly sets a new standard for monitors/recorders. For interview set ups or anything requiring two cameras, this can take the Odyssey 7Q+ from a cool piece of hardware to something that’s necessary for every shoot.

Checkout Convergent Design’s website for more details about the update and for instructions on how to update your monitor. For those of you that don’t have one yet, now is a better time than ever to make the move.

Dual-4K, Quad-1080p60, 4K60p and 6G-SDI Support for Apollo & Odyssey7Q+

Via Convergent Design:

(Colorado Springs, CO) January 25, 2016 Convergent Design today releases a firmware update for the Apollo and Odyssey monitor/recorders that adds features unavailable on any other device. These new functions are useful in numerous forms of production and add additional power and flexibility to Convergent Design's family of products.

The Convergent Design Apollo, Odyssey7Q and Odyssey7Q+ will now support monitoring and recording Dual-4K, Quad-HD 1080p60 and 4K60p. 6G-SDI support (Apollo & Odyssey7Q+) has also been added to accommodate cameras from Blackmagic Design.

Additional features & functionality have also been added for Apollo and Odyssey. View firmware release notes in download package (or below) for more information.

Click Here to Download Firmware v2016.01

Odssey 7Q 500 price reduction


Dual-4K (Apollo & Odyssey7Q/7Q+ with Apollo Option) allows recording of two DCI 4K (4096×2160) or UHD (3840×2160) signals simultaneously. Frame rates of 23.98p, 24p, 25p, 29.97p, and 30p are supported. Multi-camera shoots can be monitored and recorded in a single 1” thick device with many hours of recording in Apple ProRes (HQ/422/LT). Dual-4K recording can be useful in interviews, virtual reality and other productions. No other portable device can record Dual-4K.

Quad-HD 1080p60

Quad-HD 1080p60 (Apollo & Odyssey7Q/7Q+ with Apollo Option) allows the simultaneous monitoring and recording of four 1080p video inputs at frame rates of 50p, 59.94p and 60p. Higher frame rate recording is often a requirement of virtual reality production. Many small cameras only output 1080 progressive signals at higher frame rates. Only a few portable recorders capture 1080p up to 60fps, and no other device can record Quad-HD 1080p60.


4K60p (Apollo, Odyssey7Q+, Odyssey7Q) allows monitoring and recording of DCI 4K and UHD video signals at up to 60fps in Apple ProRes (HQ/422/LT). High frame rate 4K video signals are available from cameras such as the Sony F55, Panasonic VariCam35, and the IO Industries 4KSDI. 4K60p is a requirement of certain major distribution networks as well as valued in virtual reality and other production formats. No other portable device can record 4K60p video.

6G-SDI Support

6G-SDI Support (Apollo & Odyssey7Q+) allows monitoring and recording of 6G-SDI video signals from Blackmagic Design cameras. 6G-SDI connectivity means that a single SDI cable can carry up to 4K30p video from cameras such as the Blackmagic Design URSA, URSA Mini and Micro Studio Camera 4K. The Blackmagic Design 4K HDMI to SDI converter is also supported, so in conjunction with Apollo’s Dual-4K, two 4K HDMI cameras such as the Sony A7S can be recorded in Apple ProRes (HQ/422/LT) on a single device. There are two 6G-SDI inputs so two Blackmagic Design devices can be supported simultaneously. No other portable recorder has dual support for 6G-SDI.

Apollo – A Production Studio in the Palm of Your Hands

Apollo Tutorial Video

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