10 Reasons Why the Sony A7Rii is the best camera in the world- Sony A7R II Review by Jason Lanier – YouTube

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I stumbled into this video this morning from Jason Lanier from last November. Fascinating.

Even tho the poll we've been running in the right sidebar shows Canon still #1 among our readers, sony is tied at #2 with Panasonic.

And many of you are thinking about moving over to Sony.

I think most readers are probably thinking of the Sony A7s II but if you're more interested in photography, you may want to look at the Sony A7r II and Jason makes some very compelling arguments.

As a Canon EOS 5D Mark III owner, the concerns for me are being able to use my Canon lenses. Of course that would mean buying a metabones adapter (adding cost).

Plus tho Jason says the batteries aren't an issue, if you have to buy 4 to survive, that's more additional cost than I have with my 5D3 – I own just two Canon batteries.

So what do you think? Are you switching? Does this compel you more to switch?

I will note this other article we published about the A7rII

Canon Lenses on Sony a7r Mk II: Fast but Fuzzy?

Description from Youtube:

Join Jason Lanier as he describes his 10 reasons why he believes the Sony A7Rii is the best camera on the market for the price. PLEASE THUMBS UP, SHARE, LEAVE A COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!


Sony A7Rii

www.adorama.com/ISOA7R2.html?K… (note I leave Jason's adorama affiliate intact)

There are so many cameras out there in the marketplace from Nikon, Canon, Sony and others. When the Sony A7 series came out there were some inadequacies that many in the photography community pointed out for the fledgling line of cameras.

When Sony came out with the A7Rii, they answered the criticisms lobbied against them and introduced a truly game changing camera. While the camera isn't perfect (none are), it is in Jason's mind the best camera he's ever used and the best available camera for the money on the market today.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. This guy is so annoying but what he says is so valuable!  I just saw this the other day as well.  Thanks for the link!

  2. The Sony might very well be “the very best camera in the world” — independently of Mr Lanier’s opinion.

    But what will be the best camera next week? Next month? Next year?

    Will Sony maintain its lead for the foreseeable future? Or will Nikon and/or Canon leap ahead of Sony?

    If you switched from another system to Canon when the 5D2 came out, you made just as big a mistake as you’d make by switching to Sony to use the A7Rii.

    The Metabones adapter will not remain siblingless forever. Market forces will force the development of adapters that allow Canon, Nikon, and Sony lenses to be freely interchanged. At that time, arguments over which camera is “best” will largely disappear.

    By the way, I “invented” the electronic viewfinder ~1971, and disclosed it to Herbert Keppler.

  3. I got tired of Canon dragging their feet on functionality upgrades (e.g., 1080p60, a real audio solution) and switched to Sony three years ago. The Zeiss glass is another distinction too, arguably better than Canon and Nikon (color, resolution). And the compact size of the system makes everything easy to manage. 

    But it really comes down to image quality, weighed against the cost of the system. In order to beat the a7s2 or a7r2’s IQ, you’ve got to go up several magnitudes in cost. 

    All you guys still shooting Canon and Nikon, please, continue to do so. My business appreciates it.

  4. I’m not buying the camera for it’s ‘the best out there’…. I have Canon glass, can’t afford to switch over every time the next best camera hits the market… doesn’t make better pictures neither, nor video. 
    BTW metabones, …. no good. very unrelyable and expensive. Use ‘m for my GH4 and fcks up connections once and a while, and… more worryingly, the IS on some of my lenses…

  5. BruceHyer i still stick with Canon – I’m not sure I like the smaller bodies frankly… but maybe I’m limiting myself! Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  6. Why do you only have two batteries? You know you can get aftermarket ones for 10 bucks a piece right? And before you start, I’ve had about a dozen of them, lost a few replaced a few and only ever had one fail on me.

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