The Canon EOS C100 May Be Making It’s Final Demise, But It’s Given Us A Lot To Be Thankful For

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The Canon EOS C100 is at an interesting place in its camera life right now. Canon has just lowered the price of the original C100 down to $2,500. This is definitely an expected change, as the original Canon EOS C300 has been lowered to $7,000, but it puts the C100 precariously close to the end of its life.

I’ve never been particularly crazy about the camera, but you can’t deny the good that it has brought many shooters. The C100 was usually one of the first steps up to the shooter that was used to shooting with DSLRs and it’s a fantastic camera for that exact purpose.

The codec that comes straight out the camera is sturdier and reflects skin tones at a greater accuracy than the popular DSLR choices in the Canon line. This gives you the ability to do more color work in post. It’s not going to blow your mind, but for those that upgraded from DSLRs, it’s a sizable upgrade and a somewhat friendly introduction into a new world of video post-production.

In addition, the camera was designed like a conventional video camera. This makes a shooter think more like a cinematographer than a photographer. A very distinct different shooting style, and something that many DSLR shooters don’t appreciate.

The Canon C100 didn’t rock the world and its demise is anything but climactic, but its life shouldn’t be discounted like its price. It sparked careers and gave the photographers and videographers who were ready to make the jump, the tools and experience they need to truly understand cinematography.

Canon EOS C100 Mark I Price Has Dropped to Just $2,500 & Canon EOS C100 Mark II to $4,500

Canon C100 Mark I Price Drop feat image

Via No Film School:

The Canon C100 series has been a workhorse among many shooters, especially at lower budget levels.

The first low-budget large-sensor cinema camera from Canon, the C100 Mark I (which was announced in late 2012), has come down in price substantially to just $2,500 for the body only (thanks to Jeremy for pointing this out). If you want that version with Dual Pixel AutoFocus, it will cost another $500 for a total of $3,000 body only. As far as the newer Canon EOS C100 Mark II, while there is a decent improvement in image quality with the same sensor, most of the improvements are in usability. Better EVF and LCD made it a much nicer camera to use, and now you can get it for just $4,500 with Dual Pixel AF.

Canon C100 Mark I Price Drop BH

It's unclear whether these price drops will be permanent, but it does make sense as the original C300 Mark I has dropped to $7,000.

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