Sony FS5 Image Issues?

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In the latest installment of our series “Not Everyone Likes the Concept of Minimum Viable Product,” we note the latest reports of problems with Sony’s FS5 specifically around image quality.

We gave “Gear of the Year” kudos to the Sony FS5 on the strength of its price, specs and form factor, even as we acknowledged we hadn’t gotten our hands on one (our eval unit arrived Monday).

It now appears that the FS5 has teething problems the same way that some of Sony’s other products, along with Blackmagic and Leica, have had as well.

If I were a betting man, I’d bet that Sony sorts this very quickly. We’ve reached out to them for comment, and will let you know as soon as we hear back.

Sony FS5 Internal Noise Reduction Artifacts in UHD

Sony FS5 user reports artifact issues triggered by changing exposure, ND. Visible on HDMI output

Via Newsshooter:

A growing number of Sony FS5 users are reporting image quality issues with the camera. Leading on from issues highlighted on Newsshooter by Paul Antico, other users have also found strange artifacts in various different modes and sensitivities. This has sparked debate on several of the popular online forums with some users seemingly happy with the camera output, while others are less than impressed.

I have to admit that when I reviewed the camera in quite glowing terms a few weeks ago I hadn’t spotted anything in the images to upset me. In hindsight I should have tested more thoroughly – especially in 4K. I had to return the camera after a few days and haven’t had one to verify any of the claims. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on one again in the coming weeks.

Max Wagenblass’s Sony FS5

Max Wagenblass’s Sony FS5

Max Wagenblass of boutique production company Glass Ink Media has been in touch to more highlight strange tearing artifacts at high ISO. He claims these are showing up not only on in-camera recordings, but are apparently visible on the HDMI output and on the built-in display (when magnified). Even more worryingly he reports that the artifacts are triggered when the exposure is changed while filming.

Read full article at Newsshooter “Sony FS5 user reports artifact issues triggered by changing exposure, ND. Visible on HDMI output”

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  1. Unfortunately, it’s all true. After I did a battery of tests, I returned my FS5. The noise, compression artifacts, hi speed write times and 4k monitoring issues were too much for a camera 20% less than an FS7. I really feel Sony had the right idea in terms of design and the variable ND is genius and really works. But the DSP and wimpy codec conspire to create a truly mediocre image. I ended up picking up an A7s II and to my relief, aside from rolling shutter, the little came blows the FS5.

  2. TS Naylor Sorry to hear you had to go through it, but I also know the a7s II is awesome. Now I can tell you so is the a7r II (I’m testing it now).  Coupled with Zeiss Milvus 100mm f/2, it’s magic.

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