Phase One FX 100MP Medium Format Camera Shipping Now, Sensor by Sony

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Sony continues to leverage the heck out of its sensor technology, this time with a full frame medium format (645)  100 megapixel back delivering 16-bit color, 15 stops of dynamic range, and ISO up 12,800.

Phase One may have arrived late to the medium format game, but they have roared to the top over the past 20 or so years – and continue on their roll.

Their equity stake in Mamiya back in 2009 was smart; their current partnership with Sony now looks to be every bit as strategic. In a recent comparison of the Phase One IQ160 back and the Sony a7r II, the Sony smoked the older Phase One product.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Sony’s ability to meet and learn from the needs of so many different imaging manufacturers is extraordinary. With the announcement of their joint effort on Phase One’s FX 100MP, Sony is now supplying sensors in everything from iPhones to Nikons and Sony's own cameras like the a7r II to medium format cameras and surveillance (their new Starvis sensor plays in the same sandbox as Canon’s ME20F-SH super low light camera)

Put differently: Sony is riding an experience curve that no one else in the industry can touch – for now.

Visit Phase One to learn more about their XF 100MP. Oh – and note the use of Schneider Kreuznach lenses in their demo!

Phase One and Sony Design a New 100MP Medium Format Sensor

Phase One
Via Phoblographer:

It’s time, folks! Right before CES 2016 starts, Phase One is making an announcement that they’ve collaborated with Sony to make the new 100MP full frame 645 Medium Format sensor for their new 100MP Phase One XF Camera system. Crazy, huh? To clear confusion, this is a full 645 sensor instead of it being cropped, hence why it’s called Full Frame

So what can this sensor do? It offers 16 bit color, 15 stops of dynamic range, live view capture via HDMI, ISO 50 to 12,800 and exposure of up to 50 minutes. The sensor packs101,082,464 active high quality pixels. Because it uses the XF system, it also features lots of the new features that came out at Photo Plus 2015, like the seismographic shutter delay plus, Honeybee Auto Focus, Vibration Tracking, Electronic First Curtain Shutter, and more.

Of course, this isn’t cheap at $48,990 USD. In fact, that’s more than probably most Americans make in a year and pretty much just above what you need to actually live in NYC on a yearly basis.

Read full article at Phoblographer “Phase One and Sony Design a New 100MP Medium Format Sensor”

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