Nikon Gives Their Photographers What They’ve Been Asking For With the Nikon D500

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Let’s face it. The past year hasn’t been too kind to Canon or Nikon. Both companies have struggled to maintain their dominance in their fields as new technologies arise. Based on the Flickr percentages, the impact might have been a bit overstated at first, yet the long term effects of the rigs released by Sony have yet to be fully felt.

However, Nikon has taken somewhat of a step forward recently with the release of a few new photo and video systems. Namely, the Nikon D500.

This isn’t the type of camera that will break records or absolutely blow away the competition. Many of the specs the camera boasts might leave you a bit underwhelmed and feeling like it’s sort of the Honda Civic of the camera world. Don’t let that fool you. If this is a Civic, it’s been tricked out with all of the options you’d ever want. And if you're looking for reliability, you want that certain blend of familiarity and new technology. The D500's got it.

If you’re a dedicated Nikon shooter, the Nikon D500 looks like a fantastic option and upgrade.

Because this article, written by Todd Owyoung is so incredibly detailed, there’s virtually no reason for me to talk about the specifics. I encourage you to go and read what he’s found after shooting with the Nikon D500. It’s really shown me that Nikon has put an effort into listening to their shooters and it’s gotten me excited about what they’re capable of producing.

I Shot with the Nikon D500. Here Are My Thoughts

Via PetaPixel:

In early August of 2015, I received an email with the simple subject line, “Possible assignment offer.” After a non-disclosure agreement and months of planning later, in early November of 2015 I received a prototype that exceeded anything that the rumor mill had hoped for: the long-awaited successor to the Nikon D300’s throne.

We had an amazing shoot over three days with the Toronto four-piece Dilly Dally, whose look and killer live show was perfect for the kind of band we wanted for this project. Not only that, but I’m a big fan of their music, and it was great to shoot with them right as their debut album, Sore, was garnering praise from the likes of Rolling Stone, VICE, Pitchfork, The Guardian, and more.

Thoughts shooting with Nikon D500 1

This shoot was a massive challenge, as we basically had the band’s sound check and raucous 50-minute live show to shoot the majority of these images. But if it’s one thing music photographers are used to, it’s a bit of a challenge!

Here are my impressions of this new flagship DX DSLR:

Thoughts shooting with Nikon D500 2

Body and Design
Overall Design Notes

The D500’s overall design builds on the basic platform of the Nikon D810 and introduces a number of really nice improvements. Shooting with the Nikon D500 for the first time is kind of like coming home to discover someone has just upgraded your TV, renovated the kitchen, and upgraded all the appliances — everything is in the same place, it’s just better. If you shoot with a Nikon DSLR, that’s how the D500 camera feels.

There’s no mistaking the D500 is a pro DSLR. From the rugged build to the tactile feel of the buttons and dense feel of the grip in your hand, the D500 is all business. The body features dedicated buttons for ISO, image quality, metering mode, WB, etc, and not a scene mode in sight.

In general, I prefer DSLRs with the form factor of the D500 and D810. The integrated vertical grip of cameras like the Nikon D5 are nice, but the portability and lighter weight of this smaller design are a huge benefit for most photographers. After owning the Nikon D2x and Nikon D3, I have shot with these smaller bodies since the Nikon D700, and, for my work, I haven’t looked back since.

Read full article at PetaPixel “I Shot with the Nikon D500. Here Are My Thoughts”

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