Musicbed Introduces Its Personalized Discover Page Providing You With Awesome Music Options

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Our friends over at MusicBed are sharing some news and it looks awesome.

I've used licensed music for a couple of projects and it was great to be able to select music that I knew would be relatively unique and would fit with the mood I was after.

We all know these days that you must license music right? I still see so many videos that people post with commercial music the bought thru iTunes or Amazon and they think they are OK, but we filmmakers and photographers have all learned the rules right?

With this new Discover feature (register and log in to see it), you'll be exposed to even more music as you listen and that will make your selection process later on much easier. Selecting the ‘right' music for the mood of a scene is one of the hardest things I know of!

Here's the press info from MusicBed

Introducing The All-New Musicbed: Discovery in Music Licensing Gets Personal

New and personalized Discover page brings the most relevant music right to you

Ever wish for an easier way to find music for film that’s more inline with your style?

Recognizing that music is as individual as every filmmaker, Musicbed today rolled out an all-new site including a new Discover page where you can find music based off of your favorite artists and previous purchases, making it faster and easier to find and license music that’s most relevant to your interests.

“Our new Discover experience will constantly evolve based on customer interests and will change the way you interact with the musicians on our site,” says Daniel McCarthy, founder and CEO of Musicbed. “It’s going to help you find the tracks you love the most.”

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Musicbed now gets smarter the more that you use it with a new personalization algorithm that curates your experience. Some of the new features include:

  • Personalized Recommendations: Get track recommendations inline with your tastes based on prior licenses, listens and favorites.
  • Follow an Artist: Receive alerts on new music from your favorite artists and enhanced recommendations when you follow an artist.
  • Smarter “Living” Playlists: Discover new content through Musicbed’s curated playlists that now include unobtrusive notifications when updated by our curation staff – one of the most popular ways people discover new artists on Musicbed.

“We believe that finding the right music for your film can be as inspirational as every other part of the filmmaking process,” McCarthy adds. “With these technology updates to Musicbed, we build off of what we’ve learned about each of our users’ interests to reflect a musical journey that is careful to consider individual taste,”

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New personalization features are only half of the all-new Musicbed. Other new and noteworthy items available in the coming weeks include:

  • Lyrical & Instrumental Bundles: Beginning today, pair an instrumental track with the matching lyrical version at a highly discounted price during checkout.
  • Incredible New Music: More than 100 new artists will be added to Musicbed in early 2016, including some of the best undiscovered musicians and the Vintage Collection featuring legendary musicians of the 1950’s & 60’s soon to be available for first-time licensing.
  • Account Balances: Coming in the first quarter of 2016, maintain a balance for a creative budget on
  • Musicbed Sessions: Cinematic, in-studio music performances launching every month to help the film community discover Musicbed artists in a new way at

About Musicbed
Musicbed exists to license high-quality music to top filmmakers, TV studios, brands and agencies around the world. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, the site has served more than 170,000 customers, including entertainment powerhouses like Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Netflix, MTV, CBS, FOX, and ESPN, as well as the world's top brands like Nike, Samsung, Google, Nikon, Xbox, Lexus, Lamborghini, Verizon and The Home Depot.

Since launching in 2011 with only 35 musicians, Musicbed now represents more than 700 musicians, with the company meticulously approving only one percent of music submissions. With an unrivaled search experience and world-class customer service and custom licensing teams, Musicbed has enabled musicians to continue doing what they love while providing filmmakers and creatives with an inspiring selection of music to license for their projects.

Learn more at

planetMitch note: MusicBed has been a sponsor but we present this to keep you updated with industry news.

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