Hubba-hubba: The Voigtländer E-Mount Wide Heliars Are Coming (Full Specs)

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In this installment of our just named “hubba-hubba” series, we share another data point to indicate that truly wide prime lenses for the Sony E-mount are coming — this time from storied lens maker Voigtländer. I’m excited.

I loved Voigtländer's Nokton lenses, so I was pretty stoked to learn that Voitgländer is bringing its really wide Heliar primes to e-mount — even if their maximum apertures are much smaller (good call, in my book). On a full frame camera like the Sony a7r II, Voigtländer’s 10mm f5.6 will offer a 130° rectilinear field of view – that’s GoPro  [B&H|Amazon] territory, without the curvature of field. On a camera like the Sony a6000 [B&H|Amazon] , it’s the equivalent of a 16mm lens with a field of view of almost 97° – still pretty darned wide. The 12mm and 15mm round out the offerings at this end of the focal range. Even adapted from the M-mount, people love them.

Sony offers a very credible 10-18mm f/4 zoom [B&H|Amazon]. While it’s great for gimbal operations, however, it can’t hold a candle to an excellent prime at any part of the zoom range and is likely to cost just as much or even a little more than any one of these primes (see pricing for the Voigtländers’ nearest cousins currently on the market in Leica M mount).

Still, you know what I’d really like? Their Nokton 10.5mm f/0.95 in Sony E-mount.

But that's just being piggy.

The full Voigtlander E-mount lens spec sheet and optical design.

Via sonyalpharumors:

10mm f/5.6

Voigtlander E-mount lens spec sheet JPEG

See the other Voigtlander E-mount lens specs at sonyalpharumors

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(cover photo credit: snap from sonyalpharumors)

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