George Lucas Interview: The Back Story

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An hour-long interview of Star Wars creator George Lucas proves once again that things aren’t nearly as neat and tidy in Hollywood as one might think. Thank goodness.

This is a very short post because the subject – and NoFilmSchool’s recap of it – ought to be enough make you click through on your own.

Still, what's most interesting to me is Lucas' telling of how he ended up where he has.

‘nuff said!

George Lucas on Filmmaking: ‘You’re Telling a Story Using Tools, Not Using Tools to Tell a Story'

Via No Film School:

George Lucas recently spoke with Charlie Rose, and the 50-plus-minute talk is fascinating on a number of levels, from how Hollywood changed in an unfortunate way after Star Wars, to how he feels about the new film, and where he sees his career now:

George Lucas

Here are just some of the most interesting points from the interview:

He Never Wanted to Be Involved in Hollywood Movies

This is something he's reiterated a number of times. While he's become synonymous with Hollywood, his goal was to always make small films that were motivated by visuals rather than plot — “tone poems” as he refers to them. In many ways, the original Star Wars could not have been made in the current climate. With a few exceptions, there aren't many large-scale original movies being made today. Star Wars was actually hated by the board of directors at Fox, which is a testament to just how different of a film it was at the time. Lucas considered it a space opera or space fantasy, and not science fiction, and it's one of the reasons people had a tough time grabbing on to it

A little bit later in the interview, Lucas admits that his “ambition was ultimately to be Michael Moore.” He wanted to make visually interesting films and documentaries — but obviously his career took some major turns after American Graffiti and then Star Wars.

Read full article at No Film School “George Lucas on Filmmaking: ‘You’re Telling a Story Using Tools, Not Using Tools to Tell a Story'”

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