You Have to Love This – Iconic Bob Dylan Album Cover Wasn’t About Drugs, It Was Simply Cold Outside

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A blurred image of Dylan by photographer Jerry Schatzberg – there were other, sharp photos from the shoot — was chosen by Dylan himself for the cover of “Blonde on Blonde.” It was taken in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan on a cold February day almost 50 years ago. Sometimes perfection isn’t measured in technical terms.

“It was pretty cold out,” says Jerry Schatzberg, the photographer who took the photo. “I know all the critics, everybody thinks ‘oh, they were trying to do a drug shot or something.’ Not true…It was February…it was really cold.”

I really, really love this.

This Bob Dylan Album Photo Was Blurry Because the Photographer was Cold

Via PetaPixel:

In 1966, Bob Dylan released his 7th studio album, titled “Blonde on Blonde,” which went double-platinum and contained some of Dylan’s best-known songs. It’s also known for it’s unusual cover photo. It’s a blurry portrait of Dylan, created by photographer Jerry Schatzberg in New York City’s meat-packing district.

Bob Dylan Album Photo

The blur was the result of camera shake and, despite what many people think, was unintentional — the photo is blurry simply because Schatzberg was cold and shivering.

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(cover photo credit: snap from PetaPixel)

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  1. Love it.  The amount and quality of the blur is perfect.  “Accidental art” can happen when you have the right intention and you’re putting in energy and effort.  It wouldn’t have happened if they were lazy and waited for a better day.  Often, pushing forward despite obstacles is rewarded – even if it is in a strange and unexpected way.

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