With the Shogun Studio, Atomos Springboards into Blackmagic Design Territory for Rack-Mounted Video Production Gear

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Atomos, the Melbourne-based producer of some of the most popular HD and 4K UHD and DCI monitor/recorders and recorders, has released its first rack-mounted solution for creating 4K masters in-studio or on location in broadcast vans, DIT carts and video villages.

With the advent of the Shogun Studio, Atomos has stepped into a realm once the sole preserver, in Australia at least, of another Melbourne-based company, Blackmagic Design. That is two Australian-based, globally-exporting video production gear suppliers with backend products that can be used by indie moviemakers like me or far bigger enterprises, producers and broadcasters.

At a time when Australia’s traditional reliance on mining is going the way of riding on the sheep’s back, it is refreshing to observe the ongoing success of two globally-focused, top-quality makers of digital video production gear.

On first encountering Atomos at a Sydney trade fair some years ago, their origins as mobile software creators did not hint at their current status as makers of some of the movie industry’s go-to monitor/recorders. Where next, I wonder?

I have not seen the Shogun Studio in operation yet, though a pre-production model was installed at the back of the Atomos stand at SMPTE 2015 and looked intriguing, in effect a pair of Shogun monitor/recorders with the obvious addition of media carts beneath each. I suspect there is a great deal more beneath the hood.

I am due for my practical initiation into Atomos products soon with the arrival of their Ninja Assassin so will not comment further save to point you to the contents of the Shogun Studio press release below, and the relevant pages on the Atomos website. Let's leave it up to the experts! [bctt tweet= “Shogun Studio springboards Atomos into Blackmagic territory for rack-mount video production gear.”]

The Shogun 4K Broadcast Family Strengthened by New Open Standard adopted by Ikegami

Shogun studio

Via Atomos Press:

Atomos flexes its muscle to Broadcasters at InterBEE 2016, demonstrating the world’s first 3RU all-in-one 4K/HD recorder, monitor & playback deck along with a new open standard that cements Shogun as the premiere monitor/recorder for ISO feeds.

Melbourne, Australia – 18th November 2015: Atomos has set its sights on redefining the workflow of creative professionals around the world by making the wrangling of technology easier and more affordable at better quality. Our vision for a 4K/HD workflow consisting of Shogun as an on camera ProRes/DNxHR ISO recorder and Shogun Studio as an in rack ProRes/DNxHR 4K/HD recorder, dual 7” monitor and playback deck has been enhanced at InterBEE 2016 with the announcement that Shogun Studio is now shipping.

In addition, a new alliance with Ikegami sees the formation of the Atomos SDI Camera Status Open Standard for Shogun. This has been designed with broadcast studio operators in mind and allows status information, Record, Review, battery time and disk space remaining to be displayed on the camera’s viewfinder or monitor. Development of this standard will be complete by the end of 2015.

Much in the same way that edit friendly, visually lossless codecs like Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/DNxHD have become the standard camera recording format in filmmaking, adopting ProRes/DNxHR as the Broadcasting standard from ISO feeds through to live feed recording is streamlining the broadcast workflow process and guaranteeing quality. Until now this has meant purchasing and installing separate external recorders, waveform monitors and playback decks, but with Shogun Studio all of these devices converge into a single 3RU device. Shogun Studio makes this transition to a ProRes/DNxHR 4K workflow easy by combining the latest 4K/HD recorder, monitor and playback technology with Atomos’ industry leading useability and affordability.

Shogun is already a popular choice as a monitor-recorder for ISO feeds due to the fact it combines 4:2:2 10-bit ProRes/DNxHR recording with a calibrated 7” monitor that includes a complete set of scopes and focus assist tools. At InterBEE 2016 Atomos will demonstrate a new open standard under development to allow status information from the Shogun (battery level, media space, recording tally light etc.) to be displayed on the viewfinder or screen of supporting cameras. In conjunction with existing start/stop trigger convenience, this means that camera operators can set up their shot accurately and set their recording parameters on the Shogun and get back to their camera’s viewfinder confident that all of the information they need from the Shogun remains in view. Live demonstrations of the new open SDI standard are available on both the Atomos and Ikegami booths at InterBEE 2016.

“The combination of Shogun Studio in the rack and Shogun on camera unleashes the most efficient high quality workflow for Event, Broadcast and ProAV professionals” said Jeromy Young, CEO and co-founder of Atomos. “It also offers them a fast migration to 4K and seamless integration to legacy HD infrastructure.”

“Our HDMI Trigger and Timecode open standard has been adopted by 200+ companies, the new Atomos SDI Camera Status protocol allows any camera to record to ProRes & use the view finder, telling the operator what state the Shogun is in – this is a major problem solved for view finder customers”. said Young

Shogun studio recording features

Key Features of Shogun Studio:

  • Capture 4K, HD and RAW and record to 4:2:2 10-Bit Apple ProRes and DNxHR edit ready codecs.
  • Continuous record, multi codec record, multi resolution record.
  • Dual calibrated 7″ monitors with scopes for image analysis and quality control.
  • Control protocols (RS422, AMP over Ethernet) for recording and playback.
  • Metadata tagging at the point of acquisition.
  • Compact 3RU design to fit easily into existing rack mounted spaces.
  • Professional video, audio and synchronisation I/O
  • Advanced record modes
    • Record camera ISO feeds directly
    •  Continuous Record
    •  Dual Record
    • Pre Roll
    • Time Lapse

Please refer to Shogun Studio product brochure for the full list of features and specifications.

Shogun Studio is available in stores now for a MSRP of:

Japan: 490,000 Inc. TAX
US: $ 3,495 ex. TAX
EU: € 3,495 ex. VAT
GBP: £ 2,595 ex. VAT
AUD: $ 5,550 Inc. GST

Please view the fill list of resellers here: www.atomos.com/where-to-buy/

About Atomos
Atomos exist to help creative professionals cut through technology barriers by creating easy to use, cutting edge products including 4K & HD Monitor-recorders, a pocket size ProRes recorder, signal converters & power management solutions. Each product serves a different need but all share the common benefit of enabling a faster, higher quality and more affordable production schedule for video professionals.

Atomos is based in Australia with offices in the USA, Japan, China and Germany and has a worldwide distribution partner network. Further product information can be found at www.atomos.com with the Atomos community active on Facebook (/atomosglobal), Twitter (@Atomos_News), Vimeo (/atomosvideo), Instagram (Atomos_News), YouTube (/AtomosVideo) and Videogram (atomos.videogram.com).

(cover photo credit: snap from Atomos)

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Karin Gottschalk

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