Why I May Have to Leave FCP X for Resolve 12, Episode 2

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In this second episode of our series “Why I May Have to Leave FCP X for DaVinci Resolve 12,” I reverse myself after watching a Ripple Training video in which two recent FCPX plug-ins – Color Finale and SliceX – combine to create a very powerful capability that until now I thought was only available in Resolve 12 – tracking color corrections.

Grading scares the crap out of most one-man bands, event videographers – basically, anyone who is on tight deadlines and even tighter budgets – and for good reason: it takes time, skill and big, fast editing suites to do the business.

Even so, a few months ago we started this series after I saw a demo of DaVinci’s Resolve 12 and was blown away.

All well and good, but then I went back to my workaday world of short form corporate videos and gear reviews, screenwriting, grocery shopping, and insurance premiums — and forgot all about the idea of taking the time to go deep into a new color grading tool which has morphed into an NLE, too.

MacBreak Studio Ep 325: Tracking Color Corrections in FCPX

So when I got a query from a planet5D reader asking when I was going to come out with another episode of WIMHTSTDR12, I was caught pretty flat-footed.

And felt guilty enough to return to it – only to find, quite by coincidence, this video in one of my RSS feeds.

I am hardly in a position to evaluate how good this is vs. the tracking and color correction capabilities in Resolve 12, but I’m willing to bet on two things:

1) I am not good enough nor working on things complex enough to appreciate the difference whatever it is; and
2) With this written, years of hardcore, Hollywood blockbuster experience has found its way into Resolve 12, something which these two FCP X plug-ins are not likely able to assert.

I could be wrong on both counts.

This being the case, we’d love to hear from planet5D readers more knowledgeable than I am to answer the question “How good a solution is this Color Finale/SliceX combo for anyone NOT doing feature length films?”

Please tell us in the comments section below – and thanks!

Via Youtube Video Description:

This week on MacBreak Studio, Sam Mestman from wemakemovies.com demonstrates how to track a color grade to a moving subject using 2 third-party plugins for Final Cut Pro X: Color Finale and Slice X.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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