When Will Sigma Offer their Art Lenses in Sony E-Mount?

by Hugh Brownstone1 Comment

This is just weird: Sigma’s Art lenses [B&H|Amazon] are about as good as they get, often outpointing camera makers’ own glass – yet they are not available for what is arguably the hottest mount in the industry – Sony’s E-mount.

Yes, Sigma offers a few lenses in Sony E-mount [B&H|Amazon], but while good they’re not the drool-worthy ones – the Art lenses [B&H|Amazon]. And yes, Sigma offers a conversion service, but not for the Art lenses to E-mount.

Why not?

I don’t have an answer, but I can write that they’d be on my short list, right up there with Schneider, Zeiss (especially their lovely Loxia and Batis lines) and the newly-remounted Veydra Mini-Primes (which I love, and am just finishing up a review on them now).

What do you think? Would you buy an E-mount Sigma Art lens if it were available?

Sigma Art lens

(cover photo credit: snap from Sigma)

Hugh Brownstone

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  1. It would be great if Sigma released Full Frame lenses for the Sony E mount system. I realise most people love and use film cameras when they can but majority of the E mount success has been the take up of the Full Frame A7 range and unfortunately all lenses you have mentioned, minus Loxia and Batis are crop sensor lenses (Super 35 or smaller).

    Sigma Full Frame glass is fantastic – Having previously used it on a Canon DSLR. However I would not want to use the art series currently on the A7S and A7Sii due to the size. Most use Mirrorless because of size and weight benefits so I would love to see Sigma release a great, sharp, small FF lens for the E mount range.
    I would pay through the ears for a FF 2.8 Image stabilised zoom on the E mount.

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