RedRock Gives Us All A Belated Christmas Gift — 25% Off Everything! LIMITED TIME ONLY DEC 26!

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RedrockMicro has some amazing gear in stock, and their belated Christmas gift to all of us is a 25% off sale on everything on their entire website. YES. THEIR ENTIRE WEBSITE. What are the particular deals that I’m most excited about, well, let me think…

The RedrockMicro Follow Focus Black has had my attention for quite some time. In fact, because of the sale, I might be willing to go from the Follow Focus Black to the Follow Focus Black Studio.

Also, look into the Zeiss edition in which you get three Zeiss lenses equipped and ready to be used with the follow focus system, as well as a nifty carrying case. Or perhaps upgrade to the MicroRemote Wireless follow focus???

For a company like RedRockMicro to offer 25% off of everything is definitely one of the most impressive deals of the holidays. Take advantage while you can!

RedrockMicro Year-End Sale

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Via RedrockMicro:

We are doing a 25% off storewide sale on our entire store on for 15 hours on December 26th (6AM-9PM central time), including popular products like the microRemote and One Man Crew Director. We’ve never done something like this so it’s limited only to those 15 hours.

Go to RedrockMicro to grab one of their products in this limited-time offer!

(cover photo credit: snap from RedrockMicro)

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