RED Raven First Footage Looks Incredible – But Then It Would, Wouldn’t It?

by Hugh Brownstone4 Comments

RED Cameras are used by people and projects so far beyond my own capabilities – and budget — that I might as well be writing about rocket science. With its new entry-level Raven, however, RED enters the increasingly crowded sub-$10,000 4K market.  The Raven's footage looks, well, RED stunning just like its more expensive siblings.

Still, I’ve learned enough over the past 18 months to recognize the non-camera components of this footage that contribute mightily to it, from on-screen talent to lighting, styling, set design – and skill.

Right – RED was the camera that broke a score of 100 at DxO Labs. It’s the camera that everyone wants to shoot a selfie with at trade shows.

It is designed to do only one thing: capture stunning footage.

And it does. Even on my 15” non-Retina display MacBook Pro, the footage from their new entry-level Raven is incredible eye-candy.

With a price $5,995 for the camera body only but $9,950 for a usable package called Base I/O if you’re not already a RED operator, the Raven is squarely in Sony FS5 /FS7 territory while priced 1/3 less than a Canon C300 Mark II.

Now THAT is an interesting comparison.

Even more interesting? How it compares to the similarly bare-bones priced $4,995 Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4.6K. Or the identically priced ($4,995) AJA Cion.

Or the mind-blowing, vastly more expensive — but perhaps just as compact — ARRI Alexa Mini.

Back to the footage.

Make no mistake: every element of this footage is operating at the same level as the Raven, including post. Gorgeous on-screen talent, fantastic lighting, beautiful composition and use of slow motion – wow.

Which just goes to show, yet again, that gear without skill is pointless, while skill without gear (well, not great gear, anyway) will still shine through.

I wonder if the Raven is good enough and priced accessibly enough (for those of us who have projects worthy of its capabilities) that it can raise our game just by osmosis, even when we don’t have the budget for everything else.

And I wonder how well its footage can be cut with the Sony a7s II [B&H|Amazon] and a7r II [B&H|Amazon].

I’d love to get my hands on one to find out, wouldn’t you?

“CARRION” – Shot on RED RAVEN 4.5K

Via Youtube Description:

“Carrion” unveils footage from the 4.5K RED RAVEN™—RED's most compact camera to date. Shot completely on a RED RAVEN fitted with the new Zeiss Milvus lenses, “Carrion” showcases the versatility and capture capabilities of the camera through stunning images shot in an array of lighting conditions and frame rates. Boasting the incredible dynamic range and color science of the RED DRAGON® sensor, RED RAVEN empowers shooters to achieve best-in-class image quality without having to compromise.

Read the full article at:

First RED ‘Raven' 4.5K Camera Footage Hits YouTube in the Film ‘Carrion'

Via fstoppers:

Since it was announced a few months ago, the budget-friendly (relatively speaking here) RED Raven has been on the radar for many indie filmmakers and production crews, for good reason. Boasting a dynamic range of 16.5 stops and a max resolution of 4.5K, for a body-only cost of $5950, it's easy to see why. The film here was shot exclusively with the Raven camera.

As the most compact RED camera made to date (and weighing about 3.5lbs), many future owners can see themselves using this for aerial work, on jibs, gimbals, and in other places where every inch and every pound of weight matters, as does the ability to get an amazingly high quality image. The Raven comes equipped with the RED DRAGON sensor, which was the first camera sensor to score over 100 on the DxOMark sensor score.

Read full article at fstoppers “First RED ‘Raven' 4.5K Camera Footage Hits YouTube in the Film ‘Carrion'”

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Hugh,  Love your articles!….You seem to check all the boxes that I’m going through.   I want all these fancy expensive cameras, FS7, Red, etc…. but then i realize (as you have mentioned), it’s all about lighting and everything else that makes it all look so good.  At the end of the day I’m making home movies of my kid.  If only videos were as easy for one person as photography.  Video is exponentially more difficult (sigh).  As you know, once you get into photography and you reach a certain level, you realize that you are no longer satisfied with mediocrity… you know what you need for a great picture (lighting, timing, etc)…. you have to wait for all the elements to come together to take your picture/video….. THEN…. (wait for it)…. your wife takes a video of your kid in the backseat while driving and although technically awful, the content is one of a kind.  Content is KING!…. unfortunately, i want content and technical perfection (sigh).

  2. I think it’s a little disingenuous to say it’s 1/3 the cost of the C300 Mk II. Yes for one third of the cost you can get a functionless brick with the RED Logo, but if you want to actually shoot something, it’s more like 10k. Then, there’s a ton of things you’ll be giving up relative to it’s more expensive Canon counterpart, to the point where it’s actually a meaningless comparison. Sure the Canon costs more, but also has so many different features, which I won’t even bother to start listing, as to almost really be a different product category entirely.

  3. Dare_olson I think you make reasonable points, but that won’t stop the market from making the comparison.

  4. pozols First: thanks! Second: I’m right there with you. Spoiler alert: In Episode 5 of “Is the FS7 the Last Camera You’ll Ever Need?” we go a little nuts comparing the FS7 to an iPhone 6s Plus.  Stay tuned!

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