Pixbrite: One Stop Shop for Smart Photo Organizing and Editing App

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A couple of days ago I was searching for new startups over on some startup business slack channels and bumped into the team from Pixbrite

I've been able to test PixBrite and it works really well. Maybe not something for the filmmakers in the audience as a filmmaking tool, but if you need some publicity images and you need a ‘collage' of several, this simple tool is for you.

It of course is also for my daughter who loves to make her own collages on her iPhone. Being able to have the tool do most of the gathering and choosing and combining and then being able to tweak the output is just brilliant to me. Time saving is good right?

Many photo tools are now realizing that gathering ‘moments' is good but it is one step better when Pixbrite can go the next step and do it well.

When I downloaded it and let it work its magic on my photos in my iPhone, I just had to laugh at some of the moments it created. Love it!

Here's one of my samples:

Washing machine collage from PixBrite

Washing machine collage from PixBrite

Ok, I know you're going to think that's really lame, and I confess, the inside of washing machines isn't the best topic, but PixBrite made me laugh out loud – really – it just cracked me up that I had taken photos of our washing machine to document problems we were having (and actually 2 of them are of the new washing machine we had to buy because the other one died). But PixBrite making me actually laugh was what made it so brilliant! I love it when an app gives me pleasure I didn't expect!

But it also found other fun moments from my recent iPhone photos… like this one it created when I was doing location scouting for a recent senior photo shoot (you can see some of my photos on my personal blog here!). It selected the photos and the layout, and within a minute, I had modified the borders and widths etc to make this one a bit different. So simple to use!

PixBrite collage from a location scouting trip

PixBrite collage from a location scouting trip

PixBrite was instantly a big hit on iTunes and has been selected by Apple to be featured on the front page too.

Congrats to the PixBrite team!

It is free on the app store – click PixBrite to grab it and have fun with your photos again.

Pixbrite Official Introduction Video

Pixbrite: Automatic Moment Organizer & Collage Editor

Pixbrite 1


Via iTunes:

After detecting you taking photos, Pixbrite automatically converts them into collage format moments. You can share these moments instantly!

Your moments are fully editable. Select from various layouts, frames, backgrounds, and stickers to add your personal touch. You can even apply filters to each individual photo. Let your creativity run wild!

Do you prefer freestyle collages or single photo for some special moments? Tap the “Create” button from home and enjoy these fun features!

Pixbrite 2

Get your little dose of nostalgia by revisiting your past moments on a weekly base. You can also customize or share it right away!

By tapping “Discover” from each moment, you can see all the photos from the moment as well as related photos from your past. Related photos are identified either by similar subjects or by the same location.

To allow you easily share with family and friends, we integrated 8 sharing solutions, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatapp, Messenger, Wechat, SMS and Email.

Check out Pixbrite on iTunes or at their website.

Forget traditional collage editing apps, Pixbrite offers one stop shop for smart photo organizing and editing.

Via Visbit Press:

Newly launched photo app Pixbrite is featured by Apple App Store as one of the “Best New Apps” as well as recommended “Craft Collages” and “Organize Your Photos” app. Why?

Boosted by advanced mobile camera and cheaper storage solution, people are taking more and more photos with smartphones. This situation led to a new challenge for users: how to efficiently organize photos and pick the best ones to share? The traditional way is to scroll through photos and manually pick, edit and share them. This process could be long and tedious.

Observing this pain, Silicon Valley based startup, Visbit, developed Pixbrite to offer a solution. It is a one stop shop to get users photos automatically organized and edited into collages, moment by moment, so that they can instantly share, easily edit, and comfortably review them. This solution is so unique that shortly after its debut on Dec 12 Pixbrite already be picked by Apple App Store as one of the “Best New Apps” as well as recommended “Craft Collages” and “Organize Your Photos” app.

Pixbrite integrates state-of-the-art technologies to automate the process of photo organizing and editing. “Whenever new photos are taken, Pixbrite groups photos by moment, detect duplicates, and pick the best quality ones to make into a collage. Each moment was defined according to a combination of time, geo location, photo content and photo taking pattern. Pixbrite can do all of these to 1000 photos within 30 seconds.” Says Co-Founder and CTO of Visbit, former Google X Sr. Engineer, Changyin Zhou. “Pixbrite saves users lots of time because they now only need to take photos, launch the app and pick collages to share. All the rest work is done by Pixbrite.”

Pixbrite 3
Pixbrite also respect the creation needs of human. “Photo creation is an emotional product. Pixbrite generates collages for users almost in real time and each collage is fully editable. A user can re-select photo, adjust layout, and pick from the rich choices of background, borders and stickers to add personal style.” Says Elaine Lu, Co-Founder & CEO of Visbit.

Pixbrite not only handles photos in camera roll but also those on iCloud or Facebook, if permission is given. More cloud photo sources will be added in the near future.

Besides, Pixbrite’s “Discover” feature allows users “time travel” to past photos related by location and subject from any moment.

Pixbrite is free on iOS now and will add Android version soon. Want to give it a try? Download Pixbrite by visit www.getpixbrite.com

Product Introduction Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=v38WHzL3VGw

About the company
Founded in March 2015, Visbit is a startup aiming to build products and technologies that can help people better capture and consume visual information. Co-Founder and CEO Elaine Lu previously worked at TangoMe, Changyou and Microsoft on BD, Product and Marketing roles. Co-Founder and CTO Changyin Zhou is a domain expert in computational photography. He has 15 published patents and rich product development experience at Google, NVIDIA and Microsoft. For more information, please visit www.visbit.co

One last sample from me:

PixBrite collage of some of my iPhone fog pix

PixBrite collage of some of my iPhone fog pix

(cover photo credit: snap from Pixbrite)


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