Netflix 100X Faster: Is This the Technical Breakthrough for Widespread 4K Delivery?

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Or do we now know that it will be another 3 or 4 years before Li-Fi technology would make this even possible — meaning you’ve got at least that much time to wring more out of your existing 1080p investments and workflow?

I’ve written many number of times that 4K and 10-bit color depth are technologies that — for the most part —  my business and skillset cannot justify.

Central to that conclusion is the fact that all of my work is delivered via the web, and:

1) the web chokes the CRAP out of signal coming down the pipe
2) even the best TVs have very limited dynamic range compared to our cameras
3) 1080p can already deliver stunning results

But Li-Fi holds the promise of upending the first point, and once the hurdle of content distribution can be cleared, everything is likely – like 4K TV – to follow suit.

For me the most important point is this: to the extent that Li-Fi is the enabling technology which allows us to truly take advantage of 4K, higher bit rates and color depth, it’s simply not a consideration for most of us for another 4-6 years. That’s a lifetime in the evolution of camera gear.

Although I’m likely to upgrade some of my gear in the coming year, having 4K is likely to be a by-product of other things more important to me, like better low light performance, wider dynamic range, a more robust camera body, and an internal neutral density filter.

This sounds suspiciously like a Sony a7r II [B&H|Amazon] or FS5 [B&H|Amazon].

What do YOU think?

Soon You'll Netflix 100 Times Faster, Thanks To Li-Fi Technology.


Via Cinema Blend:

Have you ever been in the middle of a Kevin Spacey monologue in House of Cards when buffering issues ruined it? Were Piper Chapman and Alex Vause about to have their 300th fight in Orange Is The New Black, when suddently the episode paused? Well fear not Netflix users- there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The development of new wireless technology that is going to make a internet much more available, and reportedly 100 times faster has just been announced. This technology is called Li-Fi, and it is going to transform everyday lightbulbs into wi-fi hotspots. Sounds like something out of Lost in Space right? Except it’s real!

Li-fi has been being conceptualized for quite some time, but development has taken a major step forward as it has now begun actual tests, resulting in speeds that would make a binge watcher drool.

The announcement of Li-Fi’s development was first announced in a Ted Talk four years ago. While it seemed like mere sci-fi at the time, German Physicist Harald Haas has continued to take steps in making Li-Fi a reality.

Read full article at Cinema Blend “Soon You'll Netflix 100 Times Faster, Thanks To Li-Fi Technology.”

(cover photo credit: snap from Cinema Blend)

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  1. Using GH4s w/ meta-bones adapters for a good lowlight performance we’ve been able to economically begin using 4K. The results of been so good that we’ve been selling off all of our Canon 5D Mark III’s and retaining only one for still photo applications, which our clients are asking us to get a lot more these days.
    Even when you down rez the 4K files and match them up against a Canon 5D Mark III file, the clarity is fairly stunning. We took two GH4’s to Africa for a corporate/documentary shoot and it really turned out for us. If you can get internal 4K recording, I say go for it for the resizing and real estate aspects as well as the clarity.

      1. All depends on what you want. I still think downscaled Panasonic GH4 4k video to 1080 looks like video vs cinematic. So I don’t buy it and I don’t think it puts the 5D3 “to shame”

        all in the eye of the beholder 🙂

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