Moonlight: The iOS Movie Editor of the Future?

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Long story short, I met someone from the team who’s developed this new iOS app Moonlight for editing video on the iPhone and so I tried it out.

Short version of the review: it is very simple to use!

There is no long version of the review.

I’ve used Apple’s iMovie for iOS and for some reason, it stumped me on several occasions. It wasn’t as easy to use as I thought it should be and some functions were just hard to find.

Moonlight is simple.

It doesn’t have lots of bells and whistles (yet) and it will gain new features soon (right now it doesn’t have the ability to do slowmo – tho you can use a video you’ve slowed down otherwise)… so I’m excited to see where this goes.

It is free too!

If you want to do simple color grading, that’s where you buy extras and they have several “looks” you can apply to your video for $0.99 each.

So, should you try it? Yep! Will it be “the iOS movie editor of the future?” maybe, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Munkee Apps Releases Moonlight The latest and greatest in video editing software

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What is Moonlight?
Salt Lake City, UT Locally owned Munkee Apps announced today that they will be releasing Moonlight, the newest addition to the companies evergrowing application library. Moonlight gives iPhone users the ability to masterfully craft and edit their personal videos. With the inclusion of professional filters, music capabilities, and precision touchup adjustments, Moonlight is the easiest and fastest way to create and share beautiful videos directly on your mobile device. The simplicity of Moonlight is what makes it unique; no more struggling with difficult video editing apps.

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The Most Powerful Video Editor for Iphone:
1. Music for life; search straight from your phone's library to add the perfect soundtrack to any video footage.
2. Precise color; smooth control to perfectly adjust colors on live video
3. Professional filters; professionally crafted cinematic film filters
4. Easy to share, easy to love; instantly share your newly crafted video across all of your social media platforms within seconds.

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What platforms does Moonlight support?
Moonlight is available in the App Store for iOS.

How much does it cost?
Moonlight will be free to customers.

Who’s behind Moonlight?
Moonlight was created by the Munkee team, offices are located in Salt Lake City, UT. The Munkee team is also responsible for InstaSize, which found huge success upon its release in 2012.

Learn more about Moonlight.

(cover photo credit: snap from Munkee Apps Team)

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