Kick Butt Photography Gloves for Winter Keep Your Hands Warm and Fingers Free

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Here’s a fun kickstarter project for those not living near the equator!

When I go out to shoot in the cold (which isn’t very often any more as I’m an old wimp), I have a lot of trouble keeping my hands warm. I blame my genes as my arms are long and my hands are always cold in the winter.

When I saw this cruising thru some popular kickstarter projects I just had to share. They look awesome and the ability to just pop off the tips of the thumb and shooting finger seem perfect.

What do you think? Something you’d buy? Will these guys make the funding goal?

Photography Gloves: Extend your session in style

Via Kickstarter:

A hybrid between a snowboard pipe glove and a glove spec’d for photography. Designed in Norway by fellow Winter-loving photographers.

Funky, functional and customized for Ski- & Snowboard photographers.

Yep, that's Vallerret Photography Gloves in a nutshell.

All cold weather photographers know of the challenges that comes with shooting in the cold. We searched long and wide for a great photography glove, but couldn't find a glove that fit the bill. Tired of compromising, we fired up the sewing machine.

A glove you can take snowboarding as well as on your shoot

A glove you can take snowboarding as well as on your shoot

Photography Gloves 2

We want to enable photographers to overcome the difficulties of cold weather shooting making it easier to go seize the adventure and capture it – without compromising on comfort or style.

Our gloves combine functionality and quality materials with a funky design summarized in 4 essential features:

FLIP-TECH: You’re ready to shoot in seconds. Just flip the finger cap and enjoy full access to your dials. Freeze time without freezing your hands.

Instant access to camera dials and allowing a great feel with your camera

Instant access to camera dials and allowing a great feel with your camera

100 % MERINO WOOL LINER: To ensure a warm and fitted glove, we used an innovative super high tech material. Naturally developed in the high alps of New Zealand, it’s nature’s best weapon against the cold.

100% Merino Wool liner

100% Merino Wool liner

PREMIUM MATERIALS: From early on we’ve designed the glove for performance using only premium materials and fabrics. We use durable snow and water repellant Softshell. It’s functional coating offers excellent wind protection and breathability. Along with Neoprene and hardwearing YKK zips, this glove is set to last.

SD Card pocket

SD Card pocket

PHOTOGRAPHY SPECS: Naturally, we spec’d for glove for photography. We’ve included:

SD-Card pocket for quick access to a spare. Secure Non-slip grip that will keep your camera safe Microfibre lense wipe on the back of the thumb for that emergency clean.

Learn more about Photography Gloves at their Kickstarter Campaign page.

(cover photo credit: snap from Kickstarter)


  1. hmmm. no pockets for heating pads…  no electric heating via battery…  seems like marketing over substance. until you get into -20F or lower regular thick glove liners work fine, some with heating options.

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