Kessler Shows It’s Serious About Time Lapse Photography With The Kessler TLS

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Whenever I see a new time lapse system, I have to take a moment and temper my excitement. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of shooting with it because, for most of us, having the ability to shoot motion time lapses is incredibly exciting and outside the norm.

With so many out now, it’s important to compare and contrast what you’re getting with each one before you jump in, especially because they all seem to have very different positives and negatives.

This new time lapse controller is the Kessler TLS – A timelapse system that is dedicated to just creating timelapses. As in, you won’t be able to use this slider to do any actual sliding. And, honestly, that’s okay. I’ve used the edelkrone Action Module enough to be able to compare the two and while I love the edelkrone, there is one big downfall for me.

When shooting with the edelkrone, I’ve found that when going from one location to another along the track, the Action Module has the tendency to create a small amount of vibration. When using a decently weighted rig, this will translate to vibration in your image. If that happens when you’re shooting under 1/30 on your timelapse, you’ll see the results. For a guy like me that loves to use long exposure times in tandem with time lapse, this is somewhat of a dealbreaker.

The Kessler TLS is made PURELY for such time lapses, which means they’re not adapting a system to work with a motion device. This is fantastic because it means that they can focus on what time lapse shooters really want, and so far, it seems like they’ve done a great job.

Not only do they have the ability to pan and tilt on multiple axis as well as slide horizontally, with a belted system, you’ll be able to support more weight. Further, they have created a way that you can attach the TLS to virtually any type of mount possible, C-Stand or Tripod, as well as having all-terrain legs for when you want to be low to the ground.

All in all, the Kessler TLS looks like the solution for serious Time Lapse shooters out there. This isn’t for you if you need an all around tool, but it will be for you if you want to take your Time lapses to the next level.

TLS: Product Story

TLS: Overview

Kessler TLS

Kessler TLS
Via Kessler:

The brand-new Kessler TLS (Time Lapse System) is the world’s most versatile time-lapse centric camera slider and motion control product. Built on the premise that the needs of time-lapse shooters are unique and vary dramatically, TLS aims to be the most configurable time-lapse unit available today. Its extremely sturdy and affordable 80/20 rail system comes in a variety of lengths allowing users to have a perfect size for every scenario and its ease of assembly allows for changes on-the-fly.

By integrating with Second Shooter, TLS combines a popular rail design with an already proven world-class product to control camera movement. Current Second Shooters can use existing components, such as their Second Shooter controller, Pan and Tilt head, FIZ motors and other Second Shooter accessories with TLS. By having the slider motor integrated with the camera cart as well as mounting the Second Shooter controller and MagPak to the cart via Magnalink, the TLS stays compact and organized.

Designed in conjunction with time-lapse professionals around the world, TLS is the result of a collaborative development approach that leveraged years of manufacturing and in-the-field experience to produce an affordable and feature-rich product perfect for the time-lapse community.

Learn more about Kessler TLS.

(cover photo credit: snap from Kessler)

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