How Do You Keep A Film Shot Inside of a Car Look Interesting? This Video Will Show You!

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As a Cinematographer, filming a movie is a constant struggle between your technical ability, gear and location. Working with your location is a great majority of that battle and that war is fought consistently in small places like hallways and cars.

So the question is, how creative can you really get in these spaces?

Despite only showing the angles used in cars, this video uploaded to Vimeo by Fandor Keyframe shows the collaborative vision and ingenuity of the director and cinematographer.

They do this by displaying every angle shot from the road trip movie, De Jueves A Domingo or Thursday Till Sunday. The montage itself is somewhat hypnotic, and it puts the technique and cinematography used in the movie into clear perspective, but in doing so shows you the many ways that you can utilize small spaces.

Do you have any techniques that you employ when you go to an unknown and hard to navigate space? If so, let us know in the comment section. Also, if you have made rigs to achieve interesting angles in cars, attach a photo so we can all see!

83 Ways To Film a Road Movie

Via Vimeo Description:

Breaking down a road movie into every shot. A visual index of all the different ways to film a car. From the movie THURSDAY TILL SUNDAY / DE JUEVES A DOMINGO by Dominga Sotomayor.

Video essay by Kevin B. Lee.

Source: Zacuto's Tweet

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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Bret Hoy

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