Final Fantasy VII Proof of Concept Web Series– What Many Have Been Waiting For Since 1997

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Web Series and other types of mini series’ are the new big thing in independent filmmaking. In fact, they’ve become such a huge phenomena that people have started to complain about how ubiquitous they are. That’s usually when you know that you’re shaking things up. One of the great benefits of making a web series is that you can easily adapt longer form works such as books and video games. The Rind-Raja Picture Company has done just that with their recent mini series adaptation of Final Fantasy VII.

They’re marketing it more as a proof of concept and a love letter to a series that the creators loved so much, but watching it, I can tell you that it’s put together well enough to transcend its proof of concept status. The computer generated images and effects combined with the great lighting and production design comes together to create something that is more than the sum of all the parts.

If you grew up playing the Final Fantasy games or were interested in the art style explored in the series, you should take a few moments and see if this series drags you in. The passion expressed by the filmmakers in the behind the scenes videos and materials shows that they care very deeply about the source material and have been dedicated to giving Final Fantasy fans a slice of what many have been asking for since the game debuted in 1997.

Final Fantasy VII: The Series – Proof of Concept

Final Fantasy VII: The Series – Proof of Concept (BTS)

Via Roth Rind at Rind-Raja Picture Company:

Final Fantasy VII was a phenomenon that not only spawned sequels and spin-offs and anime films, but also ignited the imagination of millions of kids around the world who were blown away the moment they pushed down the giant power button on the original PlayStation. I was one of those kids, and at that age FF7 was one of the main inspirations I wanted to become a film producer.

This is not just a proof of concept for the vision of FF7 that my crew and I share. It's a slice of how I've imagined Final Fantasy VII since it inspired me in 1997 and a gesture of appreciation for the developers, artists, and of course Square Enix (Squaresoft) who made FF7 a labour of love. Nearly 20 years later, its a game that continues to inspire and with the remake on the horizon, will surely continue to do so for many years on.

Most importantly, this is an interpretation, not a translation. Final Fantasy VII: The Series is a proof of concept to show an alternative vision of a classic story and a love letter to of one of the greatest games of all time.”

(cover photo credit: snap from Roth Rind)

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Bret Hoy

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