Erwin Brothers Film School Gives Aspiring Flimmakers A Leg Up

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Here’s what every young, amateur filmmaker needs to ALWAYS remember: Someone out there will always know more than you. Recognizing and accepting this will be the first step to moving beyond your amateur status. I myself as an amateur filmmaker go out of my way to find things like this. Unfortunately, it’s not a guarantee of anything, but it puts the odds more in your favor.

What’s great about the Erwin Brothers film school is not only the humour and light-heartedness that Jon Erwin brings to the table, it’s the selfless mentality that he demonstrates that is almost more valuable than the information he presents in the following episodes.

I encourage every one of you aspiring filmmakers out there to take a few minutes and go through what Jon Erwin has posted so far. And if you’re one of those lucky enough to truly make it in the industry, heed Jon’s words and pay it forward to the next generation of storytellers and filmmakers. Lord knows, we need all the help we can get.

Introducing the Erwin Brothers film school and YouTube channel

Via Cinescopophilia:

From the Erwin Brothers the filmmaking team behind “Moms’ Night Out”, “October Baby”, and “Woodlawn”…

Erwin Brothers Film School jpg


We welcome the Erwin Brothers super refreshing free Film School which is now up and running for one and all on YouTube.

We did say it was FREE right?!!

Welcome to the first behind-the-scenes production diary for WOODLAWN! We will be releasing a lot of content in the next upcoming weeks, so be sure to subscribe to this channel for more awesome behind-the-scenes videos!

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WOODLAWN Production Diary – Episode 1

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