#EnjoyEveryMoment – Captivating Video Shot on a Sony RX100 IV

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Message from Henry Shephard at Henjo Films:

I have been a long time follower of your blog and love the reviews and the information you put out there. I recently bought the Sony RX100 IV to use the slow motion feature with my daughter having a bath.
I'm really happy with this camera and what image it can produce.

#EnjoyEveryMoment Sony RX100 IV

Via Henjo Films:

I know the phrase, ‘Enjoy every moment’ is thrown around a lot, but seriously, it’s words that I try my best to live by. Having a baby has only increased this need to let the past be the past and worry less about the future – it’s about focusing on the now. Our little Lea is 5 months old today and time has just flown by (as every parent tells you!). We just want the clock to stop sometimes…or have a slow-mo button at least! Although it can be difficult to wade through all the stresses of life, we hope this video is a little reminder for all of you to enjoy and fully experience every second – don’t let it pass you by!

Read this article at Henjo Films “#ENJOYEVERYMOMENT”

(cover photo credit: snap from Henjo Films)

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