Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Rumor– Another Canon Powerhouse On The Horizon?

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Canon Rumors has released more information about the new release coming from Canon in early 2016. While they can’t guarantee exactly what this camera will be yet, we have a strong idea that it could be the EOS-1D X Mark II. With that rumored announcement we have a barrage of questions that we’d like answered, but here are a few things that we’re pretty sure about.

The camera will almost definitely have the DIGIC 7 processor and it might have two. For a camera that follows the 1DX, you’d have to imagine that it’d benefit from having as much processing power as possible. When the 1DX was released in 2011, shooters were blown away by the 12fps RAW shooting capabilities of the camera and I’m incredibly excited to see how much processing power a powerhouse like Canon can throw into the 1DX Mark II body.

Since 2011, we’ve seen the capabilities of cameras grow at an exponential rate, and recently the industry seems to be pushed towards consumer’s desire for more and more resolution. The EOS-1DX with it’s 18mp sensor may not look as sexy as the 4K and 42mp Sensor of the Sony A7RII, but just look at the numbers and you’ll see that professionals consistently choose Canon’s solid processing power and sturdy images over any other brand of body, and to this day, the 1DX still takes a large chunk of that camera pie.

What I expect from the EOS-1D X MarkII is very much just a continuation of what they did with the 1DX obviously, but also they will take a couple queues from the amazing 7D Mark II. The camera that appeals to wildlife and sports photographers boasts lightning fast autofocus.

Let’s remember that the 2011 1DX had 61 autofocus points compared to the 7D Mark 2, which while only having 65, is a significantly lower end camera than the 1DX. One thing that I personally like about the 7D Mark II is that it has a crop sensor for that extra range. I'd love to see the 1D X Mark II have a decent upgrade in the resolution simply so that we can extend the range of our shots, or perhaps have a crop sensor mode. For many shooters out there, I know this is a valuable utility in the toolbox.

Accompanying the dual DIGIC 7 processors that we expect, we are probably going to see the adoption of CFast cards instead of the Compact Flash. We’ll probably get two CFast slots too. This just adds to the write speed that you can expect with the EOS-1D X MarkII.

All in all, with the talk of being worried about Dynamic Range on the camera, let’s not forget what this camera was truly about, and that was about consistently capturing live events and moments better than any other camera on the market.

Also, since Canon seems to be falling behind a bit in the 4k market for video, I see the EOS-1D X Mark II as a chance for this camera superpower to flex it’s muscles and show us just what it’s made of.

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Announcement Coming in January 2016?

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Announcement

Via Canon Rumors:

We’ve been told by a couple of people that Canon is gearing up for a “significant’ DSLR announcement in January of 2016. While no camera was mentioned, we feel that any “significant” announcement would be for Canon’s new flagship DSLR and not an EOS 80D.

We have been told previously that we should expect the new camera to be shipping no later than April 2016.

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(cover photo credit: snap from Canon Rumors)

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