Can Smaller Be Better When It Comes To Sliders? edelkrone Thinks So – Check The SliderONE!

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Can Smaller Be Better When It Comes To Sliders? OK, count me in!

After seeing this awesome new concept from edelkrone called the SliderOne, you will first probably scratch your head wondering if it makes sense, and then later you may slap yourself on the forehead and say “why didn't someone do this before?”

Sliders have always seemed to be ‘longer is better' – but yet when you try to carry a long one on the plane, you're suddenly frustrated. I know I was.

So going the opposite direction and making a very short slider seems very contrary – but yet, if you think about the points made that 50% of all slider shots (after editing gets them) are less than 15cm (which is just about 6″), then you suddenly think… “damn! That makes sense.”

So… what do you think… brilliant bold move or just another busted idea? I'm leaning toward brilliant myself.

Introducing: SliderONE, The World’s smallest slider

edelkrone SliderOne

edelkrone is announcing SliderONE – The World's smallest camera slider

Via edelkrone Press:

SliderONE delivers only 15cm of camera travel and yet achieves surprisingly effective results.

Upon analyzing numerous video productions, contrary to what most videographers believe,edelkrone realized that more than 50% of the slider shots have less than 15cm camera travel in them


This is the main reason to introduce a super short slider to the market and create a new category of micro sliders for the videographers.

The extreme portability of SliderONE opens the doors to never before seen opportunities and videographers will finally be able to have a slider with them at all times for whatever production they are shooting.

With SliderONE, having a slider shot is not something to think about. You will have it attached on your tripod by default, and you will always have the option of having a slider shot whenever you like.

For pricing and further details on the new SliderONE, please visit>

(cover photo credit: snap from edelkrone)


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  1. “if you think about the points made that 50% of all slider shots (after editing gets them) are less than 15cm (which is just about 6″)”

    As an editor I find that argument ridiculous. You’re not only deciding the length of the shot but forcing the editor’s hand as to where you cut the action (because you have no choice). The other problem with any slider shot is the beginning and end of the shot are typically unusable, so you always have to shave at least an inch or two on each end from the actual usable distance (even in their example in the video the editor cut the shot in the middle of the shot and trimmed the ends). I don’t want to be so harsh on their product as I do own stuff by edelkrone, but I already thought their SliderPlus was barely long enough to be usable for most commercial shoots.

  2. I’m not sure about the 6″ part on most slider moves but I can tell you, my boss insists on long doorway dolly moves all the time but when we cut the video in post, most shots with the dolly are only 3 or 4 seconds long.  Since most of our dolly shots are very slow, I’d say it probably adds up to no more than 12 to 20 inches of travel.  In fact, we own a 3′ slider and once, when we couldn’t fit the dolly in an area my boss wanted it to be used in, we used the slider and, again, in post same results after editing, only about 12 to 20 inches used.  radcraig is right about one thing, the first and last parts of a slider/dolly move are usually not used.  So, on our 3′ slider probably only about 26 to 30 inches are useable.

  3. I’d agree that the application for this might be limited to when you need to add motion to a “still life” type of shot (landscape, product, architecture, etc.), not for replacing a dolly in a shot with any action. That said, it looks like a very appealing tool for that type of work. Starting my 2016 Christmas list.

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