Aputure Updates One of Our Favorite 7” Monitors with 1920 x 1200 Resolution, False Color — and more

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We loved Aputure’s VS-2 7” HDMI Monitor [B&H|Amazon] when we tested it back in January,  but I still wished for false color. Less than a year later, Aputure has added not only false color but a much higher definition display. And that’s not all.

I’m reminded of the oft-repeated truism that there are only three parameters to manage in any project (quality, timeliness, and price), and consumers get to choose any two.

So what are we to make of Aputure’s just-announced 7” IPS monitor updates, their VS-1 FineHD and VS-2 FineHD?

Well, they’re not defying this cardinal rule (prices have gone up), but – wow: what they’ve been able to pack in at the price is outstanding. With both monitors still under $300, they are excellent values.

The VS-1 FineHD and VS-2 FineHD offer 1920 x 1200  7” IPS screens, but the VS-2 ups it a notch with false color, histograms and volume bar.

Very cool.

These monitors have just been released, so only their predecessors are currently available on B&H, Adorama & Amazon.

That will change shortly.

In the meantime, you can order from Alibaba. The VS-1 FineHD goes for $198, while the VS-2 FineHD goes for $279.

If you’re asking me, I’d go straight to the VS-2 FineHD.


Aputure V-Screen VS-1

Aputure VS-1 FineHD

Via Aibaba:

Aputure V-Screen VS-1 FineHD is a professional field monitor with a 7-inch LCD Screen (1920×1200 native resolution),
which provides diverse video interface, such as HDMI, YPbPr,and AV. Also, VS-1 FineHD features Monochrome, and Safe Area.

Main Features

  • High resolution 1920*1200
  • LTPS screen technology
  • Extra OSD, get more information
  • New cables(HDMI A type to D type). And Power adapter cable(D type to DC)
  • Supports various signal inputs(HDMI, YPbPr & AV)
  • Multiple shortcut options
  • Double power supply
  • Speaker and headset stereo output
  • Firmware updates via USB
  • Six language choices

Learn more about Aputure V-Screen VS-1.

Aputure V-Screen VS-2

Aputure VS-2 FineHD

Via Alibaba:

Aputure V-Screen VS-2 FineHD is a professional field monitor with a 7-inch LCD Screen (1920 x 1200),
which provides diverse video interface, such as HDMI, YPbPr and AV. As a multifunction monitor, VS-2 FineHD features False Color, Co-zebra, Peak, Histogram, Safe Area, and Volume Bar.

Main Features

  • High resolution 1920*1200,Slim and Lightweight IPS screen
  • LTPS screen technology
  • Extra OSD, get more information
  • Use Multiple Exposure Monitoring Features Simultaneously
  • Optimized PEAK Monitoring
  • Popular Safe Area Displays (2.35:1/1.33:1/1.66:1/1.85:1/70%/80%/90%)
  • Transformable Picture (Vertical & Horizontal Flip)
  • Precise Color Calibration Before Shipping
  • False Color: False Color is used to aid in the setting of camera exposure, which enables proper exposure to be achieved without the use of costly, complicated external test equipment.
  • Camera Mode
  • Volume Bar:Monitor the volume in left and right channels. And it is marked by 3 colors,green, yellow, and red, depending     the Volume Level.
  • Histogram: The Brightness Histogram is a quantitative tool to check the picture brightness.
  • Supports Multiple Kinds of Signal Inputs (HDMI/YPbPr/AV)
  • Easily update Firmware through USB
  • 7 languages
  • Double Power System
  • New cables(HDMI A type to D type). And Power adapter cable(D type to DC)

Learn more about Aputure V-Screen VS-2.

(cover photo credit: snap from Alibaba)

Hugh Brownstone

Hugh Brownstone

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  1. Alibaba is not a very reliable service. I have heard lots of stories, directly from the people that suffered with them, about their shipping times and problems. Better wait for a US place to get them. 

    To get something from China I prefer DX, Banggood and lightinthebox. Unfortunately none of them stocks the new models yet.

  2. As I urgently need a 5″ HD monitor to use with my BM Pocket, I looked into Aputure’s to see if they had any. 

    Apparently they do not, but they are going to release an IPS version of their latest 7″. 

    It looks as if only the Ikan DH5 is the better priced 5″ HD, isn’t it?

    1. Author

      You might check out Blackmagic’s own Video Assist if you want the 5″ form factor. We’ll be getting one into test shortly. It’s more than the IKAN, but it also is a 1080p recorder, too!

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