Apple Is Perhaps Branching Into Original Content? It’s Been A Long Time Coming

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The latest trend in tech companies is to branch into film and original content. One could argue that it was only a matter of time until the technology super-giant Apple would branch into original content. They have the hardware, capital and their company has a great reputation among production professionals, which will help attract talented filmmakers to work with them.

I have mixed feelings about this, but you have to take a step back and see that this could create more opportunities for those of us in the production field. What Apple also has that companies like Netflix don’t is the ability to not only create original content, but they can display it and distribute it on their own physical hardware.

There’s been talk for a long time of Apple creating an all in one, film and television service. Creating original content would make it seem as if that’s closer on the horizon than originally thought. If this were the case, they would open up a variety of interesting circumstances in the entertainment industry.

While online original content and distribution has been rapidly expanding, we’ve also seen that it usually means multiple different content subscriptions across different platforms that might not always interact. Apple's own AppleTV won't display Amazon content.

What I would love to see from Apple is an open platform where you can experience every brand of online original content. In addition, I’d love to see Apple create opportunities for Indie Filmmakers to promote their work. This is something that I believe is vastly underrepresented in online content distribution.

Regardless of which way they go with this, you can be assured that before too long, Apple will have their hands in this field. Based on Microsoft’s total lack of success, you have to imagine those in Cupertino, CA want to make it happen all that much more.

Apple Said To Be Considering A Move Into Original Content

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Via Tubefilter:

One by one, tech giants have bought into the power of original programming and launched their own studio wings. Apple, it would seem, might be the next company to take that plunge. According to Variety, the Cupertino-based corporation is in talks with Hollywood execs to produce content that could allow it to rival Netflix.

Variety’s sources didn’t offer many specific details about Apple’s plans, and they offered several different viewpoints regarding the direction the company will head in. Some believe Apple could try to compete with Netflix, while others foresee a smaller operation, at least at the start. What’s more clear is that Eddy Cue, a 26-year Apple veteran, is serving as the head of the recent content push.

Apple’s competitors have had mixed results with original content. Amazon, for example, has triumphed with shows like Transparent and has several more high-profile projects on the way. Microsoft’s content studio, on the other hand, was plagued by internal disorganization and ultimately closed down before the vast majority of its projects ever reached viewers.

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