We Take a Peek at Panasonic’s GX8 and the 4K, Leica-Lensed HC-X 1000

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In this installment of “Last Week Today,” we visit the Panasonic booth at PhotoPlus Expo and come to understand why colleague Karin Gottschalk – among many, many others – really likes the Panasonic lineup (hey, we already like the GH4, especially with those Voigtländer Noktons). We also wonder why no one has compared Canon’s  XC10 [B&H|Amazon]  to Panasonic’s HC-X 1000 [B&H|Amazon].

When I decided NOT get a GH4 back in late 2014, I pretty much put Panasonic out of my mind. No knock on Panasonic, it’s just that once you commit to something (in this case Sony), that generally implies not looking back.


Meanwhile, fellow planet5D writer Karin Gottschalk switched into the GH4 [B&H|Amazon] whole hog, and has loved it ever since.

She insisted I look up the GX8.

I’m glad she did.

Take a look at what Sony’s next version of the a6000 [B&H|Amazon]  – especially if it’s 4K – will have to compete against.

Competition is a beautiful thing.

Not just with their GX8, but with their a little-bit-older, a little-less-hip yet oddly compelling, 4K recording HC- X1000 – a non-interchangeable zoom lens dedicated cam that provides an interesting perspective on (and offers an alternative set of compromises to) Canon’s XC10.

If you’ve worked with any of these cameras, we’d love to know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Panasonic is Doing Some Cool Stuff

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