Want to See How Magic is Done? Check Out this BTS Piece on an Old Spice Commercial

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I had no idea how they could create a commercial like this – because I had no concept of the lengths to which filmmakers would go to make it. Now I do, and so do you.

I used to think that the animators who did FANTASIA were on drugs.

What else could possibly explain such incredible imagination and artistry? But I’m guessing they weren’t on drugs after all: how could they possibly manage that kind of creativity with the discipline required to bring it to fruition while contemplating the infinite universes inside their belly buttons?

This behind the scenes peek at an Old Spice commercial is another one of those “holy crap” moments which demonstrates conclusively the limits of one’s imagination.

Stunning on multiple levels.

BTS Piece on an Old Spice Commercial 1

Via Super Cinema FB Page:

This commercial of tv wheelset in just a single take is simply brilliant, see how it was done!

Amazing TV commercial recorded in just one take. Geart stuff. Take a look it was done.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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