This is Just ONE Reason Why BACK TO THE FUTURE is Brilliant

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In this installment of “BACK TO THE FUTURE [iTunes|Amazon] is One of My Favorite Films of All Time (geddit?),” we see just one reason — the opening three minutes — why it might be yours too.

It is one of the greatest opening sequences in film history, right up there with the opening to RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK [iTunes|Amazon] (Got any others? Nominate your favorites in the comments section below).

Maybe you’ve already recognized all of the setups in this opening, but I learned more than one new thing (did you notice, for example, CRM 114, and if so, do you know what it means?).

Shout-out to Darren of Must See Films for the analysis and inspiration.


Via One Perfect Shot:

The crew at Must See Films put together a video essay deconstructing the opening and talking at length about this special film. So, on its 30th anniversary, here is BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE ECONOMY OF STORYTELLING as created by Must See Films.

BACK TO THE FUTURE (The Economy of Storytelling) – FILM ANALYSIS

Via Vimeo Description:

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Hugh Brownstone

Hugh Brownstone

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  1. The opening three minutes twenty of Orson Welles’ Touch of Evil is pretty amazing. It’s on YouTube.

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