The LockPort FLEX Will Make Your Life Easier and Maybe Save You A Few Bucks

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The LockPort by our friends at LockCircle is one of those dead simple, but incredibly functional devices. Odds are, if you frequently use your MiniHDMI port on your Sony a7S, a7SII, a7RII, Lumix Gh4, or BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera it’ll actually save you some money. Not only that, but it adds a security and removes doubt from your rig, which leaves you with the ability to focus on what’s important.

I remember when I first bought my a7S, I was so disappointed that I was forced to use the HORRIBLE MiniHDMI port. It’s not just inconsistent, it’s not a solid connection, which leads to you worrying about losing connection when it’s most important. If you record via an external recorder, this is a vital piece of gear.

The LockPort comes in a few different packages, from the Survival Kit, to the new LockPort FLEX, which gives you the ability to access a strong HDMI connection in whatever direction you might need it. With the rising number of configurations your rig can take, this is a very timely accessory. And again, it’s so simple, you have to wonder why you didn’t think of it first.

At this point, I have used my MiniHDMI to the point that I don’t trust it to hold all the time. Not only does this solve that particular issue, it could have helped me avoid it all together. Don’t be me. If you use your MiniHDMI, invest in the LockPort.

New LockPort A7M2 for Sony A7RII and Sony A7SII

LockPort A7M2 image 1

LockPort A7M2 image 2

Via LockCircle Press:

The innovative LockPort A7M2 by LockCircle protects definitely the fragile output on your Sony A7RII and A7SII cameras from tough production abuse and saves the “expensive to repair” mini HDMI port on your camera.

Full-Size HDMI output, allows to use stronger standard cables, that locks into the socket with no signal loose!

Innovative FLEX port (full-size HDMI) designed to work in Front/Rear, Top/Bottom HDMI Full-Size output, for the best layout cable set-up for dones, gimbals and rigs for your A7II camera. Full compatible with new BIRDCAGE PRO.

The LockPort A7M2 has a Ultra-Thin baseplate designed to work like a “glove” wrapping around the camera body (can be mounted everywhere can be mounted the camera itself with all the original screws already used), a Side Plate with 20 mounting threads 1/4″-20, and a FLEX Port with a 4″ cable (micro to full-size HDMI) including a titanium knob to mount the FLEX Port where is needed! The FLEX Port has a double sided reversible plate for best mounting integration.

LockPort A7M2 image 4

LockPort A7M2 image 3

The T-Riser Baseplate upgrades the LockPort to a Micro Cage System, adding important features like a double camera thread, (offering rock solid mounting of the camera body in heavy-duty production applications) and 19 mounting 1/4″-20 threads for several accessory mounting.

Front-Nose for Meta-Block for heavy duty Metabones mounting and IMS-Block for the P+S IMS Mounts System (Positive-Lock).

LockPort A7M2 highlights

  • micro to full-size HDMI port saver
  • new FLEX Port concept for Front/Rear, Top/Bottom output
  • doubled sided reversible plate for best mounting position
  • better cable layout with drones, gimbals, rigs.
  • vertical camera mount available
  • compatible with original Sony A7II original cable holder
  • Ultra Thin baseplate designed to use the original camera screws
  • T-Riser baseplate for heavy duty mounting (2 camera mounting threads)
  • Micro Cage concept with 39 accessory mounting threads 1/4″-20
  • Front-Nose Mount for mounting accessories
  • Meta Block for rocksolid Metabones adapter (adjustable).
  • IMS Block for P+S IMS Mount System (adjustable).
  • compatible with new BIRDCAGE PRO and PRO-S
  • CNC machined from billet alumimun/high quality manufacturing
  • made in Italy

On delivery right now! Worldwide Delivery.
Price Euro 189,00 – USD 199,00
For more information:

More info about New LockPort A7M2 for Sony A7RII and Sony A7SII Here.

(cover photo credit: snap from LockCircle)

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