The International – A Travel Tripod for Filmmakers

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I find one of the things that most people don’t realize about being a photographer or videographer is the toll that it can take on your body. Generally, people don’t think about all of the equipment necessary to take on a professional shoot, and they also don’t realize that someone has to carry it. For large budget projects, you most likely have an assistant that can help you lug your equipment around. For the great majority of us, this isn’t the situation.

Enter The International – The Travel Tripod for Filmmakers. A tripod especially made for that shooter that has to carry everything themselves. Made by Aviator Camera who has made travel style jibs and sliders in the past, the International rounds out their base roster of travel gear.

From it’s weight to it’s durability to the quick swap capabilities, the International is one of the best suited tripods for one person crews and travelers. The ability to mount 75mm ball heads to the legs is a very important addition to this system. Using different legs is one thing, but when you’re in love with a specific tripod head, it’s very frustrating being forced to switch. In addition, being able to go from five and a half feet down to two inches off the ground gives you a great deal of freedom as a shooter.

While this is a Kickstarter project, Aviator Camera is no stranger to the website and have a great page going that you should most definitely check out. Gear like this deserves to be funded, and they won’t be able to go into production unless they meet their goal. So if you find yourself interested, but unable to purchase the legs of any other of their offerings, share, and your likelihood of being able to buy them in the future increases!

The International – A Travel Tripod for Filmmakers

Via Kickstarter:

The International is a full-size, 5 ½ foot (170cm) filmmaker's tripod that compacts down to just 20 inches (51cm) – small enough to carry on a plane and lightweight enough to carry anywhere. Now you can capture incredible films wherever your adventures take you.

The International image 1
The International image 2

Compact and Lightweight – meets carry on size requirements for most airlines, even international flights.

The International image 3

Shoots as low as 2 ½ inches. Expands to over 5 ½ feet tall so you can get the shot you’re after without lugging extra gear.

The International image 4

Read more about “The International – A Travel Tripod for Filmmakers” at their Kickstarter campaign page

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