The Difference Between Michael Bay and James Cameron?

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Kudos to Ross Peacock for an excellent analysis of how writer and director James Cameron used action in support of storytelling in THE TERMINATOR, rather than an end unto itself.

Everybody’s a critic.

Opinion’s are like a**holes – everybody’s got one.

Those who can’t do, teach (or blog).

And, love him or loathe him, Michael Bay is an incredibly skilled and commercially successful filmmaker.

But if you want to understand why THE TERMINATOR [Amazon|iTunes]  is a great movie while TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION [Amazon|iTunes]  isn’t – yet is still a monster commercial success – you could do a lot worse than spending six minutes watching Ross’ analysis.

Tip of the hat to No Film School for finding Ross’ piece.

Nice work, Ross!

What Can We Learn About Action & Storytelling from ‘The Terminator'?

Via No Film School:

We've established that many of today's action films are just kind of “eh”, and a lot of that has to do with sloppy editing and senseless destruction. So, how do you construct an action sequence that will give your audience the thrill they want and the heart they deserve?

A great example comes from James Cameron's The Terminator. Cameron uses a lot of restraint during the action sequences, which in turn allows the audience to slow down and take their time building empathy for the characters. Ross Peacock has shared this intriguing video essay that breaks down The Terminator's TechNoir bar scene to reveal how less carnage leaves more room for story.

Read full article at No Film School “What Can We Learn About Action & Storytelling from ‘The Terminator'?”

Action Masterclass: The Terminator – Action as Storytelling

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