Strap Yourself In – Ice Climbing in Iceland Looks AWESOME!

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I was preparing to upload some photos to my smugmug site yesterday and saw the smugmug team's incredible post about ice climbing… and I just had to share it with you this morning.

It kinda feels like “Sunday Morning” episode on CBS (we shared the Vincent Laforet episode earlier this week).

Climbing Ice - The Iceland Trifecta - YouTube 2015-11-15 08-45-18

The video and commentary is so good it made me feel like I was there with photographer and filmmaker Tim Kemple. And jealous! Man it would be so awesome to be in Iceland shooting what Tim was able to shoot wouldn't it? Ok, the part about waking up at 2am doesn't appeal to me, but heck!

I know you'll enjoy watching this!

From the smugmug post:

This question sparked a storm of ideas, and in a matter of weeks, we had hatched a plan: bring together Tim and two world-class climbers, Klemen Premrl of Slovenia and Rahel Schelb of Switzerland, as they attempted to climb the Iceland Trifecta—an iceberg, the ceiling of an ice cave, and a very deep iceberg crevasse.

All these ice climbs would be technically challenging—some would say even impossible and too dangerous to attempt—and, from a filming perspective, we had no idea what kind of adventure we’d find once we got to Iceland. Normally, it’s exactly this uncertainty that you try to control. But for the team here at SmugMug, and for Tim, Klemen, and Rahel, embracing that uncertainty is exactly the kind of “adventure” we wanted to pursue, regardless of outcome. “Adventure” means pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, embracing uncertainty, and using your technical expertise, physical stamina, and mental moxie to attack the photographic and climbing environment. And so we commenced the adventure of a lifetime.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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