Schneider Bringing Longer Lenses to iPhone? Plus: E-Mount Glass Ships Next Month

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In this installment of “Last Week Today,” we continue our coverage of PhotoPlus Expo 2015 with Niki Mustain, product manager for Schneider’s iPro Lens System for the iPhone.

We wrote recently about Schneider-Kreuznach’s plan to bring its full frame Xenon cine prime lens line to Sony e-Mount, and I covered — albeit briefly — the iPro lens system [B&H | Amazon] in this article about Moondog Labs because the iPro is the only lens system for which Moondog makes their anamorphic adapter. I’ve also written about the iPro in my ebook Apple’s iPhone: The Next Video Revolution.

So we were eager to stop by the Schneider booth at PhotoPlus Expo, where we were fortunate to corral Schneier’s Niki Mustain to bring us up to date.

Schneider iPro for iPhone (and a quick word on Xenon FF Cine Primes in Sony e-Mount)


The highlights?

1) They are sufficiently encouraged by the Apple 6 Plus and 6s Plus optical image stabilization system that for the first time they’re thinking about a 3x or even 4x addition to the iPro lens system (which yield full frame equivalent focal lengths of about 90mm and 120mm). This is a big deal, as the current 2x lens(the same limit for most auxiliary smartphone lenses) is really not a “telephoto” but instead a “long normal.”

iPro Lens by Schneider Optics Case for iPhone 6 Plus

iPro Lens by Schneider Optics Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Schneider Xenon FF 100mm T2.1 Prime Lens (ARRI PL Mount)

Schneider Xenon FF 100mm T2.1 Prime Lens (ARRI PL Mount)

2) The Sony e-Mount Xenon Cine Primes should begin shipping next month.

We’re excited to try both, as Schneider is a very highly regarded optics manufacturer and both the latest iPhone and Sony models are SMOKING hot. Especially with my brand new iPhone 6s Plus with 4K and optical image stabilization — and my soon-to-be-expanding Sony camera line-up — these optics are definitely on my radar.

To learn more, visit and

Element Case IMAGE/iPRO Case and Lens System Preview

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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