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It doesn’t matter what field you’re in. You can never stop learning. This isn’t any more true than it is in the filmmaking field. It’s one thing to keep up to date with new technology, but it’s entirely another to be educated on contemporary techniques. Luckily, there are a wide variety and number of resources available to help you out. Just one of these resources is the 5th Annual Masters In Motion Workshop.

The speakers attached to the program this year are very impressive and diverse. Carl Sprague, Production Designer, Art Director and Concept Illustrator (Grand Budapest Hotel, 12 Years A Slave, Infinitely Polar Bear, etc.) Gregory Middleton, CSC, Cinematographer (Game of Thrones, The Killing, Continuum, etc.) and Stephen Campbell, Director of Photography (The Walking Dead) among many other talented and diverse professionals.

One of the best things about this specific workshop is the size. They keep it small, which is in an effort to focus and improve the quality of the education. Keeping the numbers down also helps any other opportunities to network. If I were free, and blessed with the funds for the registration fee, I would most definitely be taking the trip down to Austin to participate. Since we’re approaching the final deadline, and there are still a few spots left, if you are interested and capable, act fast. They’re going to be gone soon!

we are filmmakers.

5th Annual Masters in Motion Filmmaking Workshop

Via shoot.edit.learn.:

Why Should You Choose Masters in Motion?
We may be a little biased but we believe that Masters in Motion is the best filmmaking workshop around. What do we think sets us apart?

Quality of Education
In any creative field, many things are subjective. That is why we always gather a diverse group of speakers who are all successful working professionals from various backgrounds. We have everyone from wedding filmmakers, to smaller boutique production houses to people working on Hollywood feature films and everything in between.

For Filmmakers, By Filmmakers
This workshop was founded by and is run by two filmmakers. We know firsthand what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet as a freelancer. We know how intimidating it can be to try to transition into the commercial world. We get it. We’ve not only been there, we never left. We have made a lifelong dedication to our own education and hope to continue to share that with everyone we can.

We Understand That People Learn Differently
Some people learn best in a lecture based environment, while others do better in a more intimate hands-on setting. We don’t think you should have to choose one or the other, which is why we have combined the best of both worlds. We have both lecture based presentations and a full day of break-out sessions.

We Care
We pour our heart and soul into this event every year. Our goals are the same as the day we started. We will continue to do everything in our power to keep growing this community, to offer the best educational resource possible, and to create the best environment possible to foster personal and professional growth.

See full list of FAQs HERE.

Speakers (More TBA)

Masters in MOtion Stephen Campbell

Masters in MOtion Gregory Middleton

Masters in MOtion Carl Sprague

See the full list of Speakers Here.

Learn more about the 5th Annual Masters in Motion Filmmaking Workshop.

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