Two Incredible Leaps in Sensor Technology?

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Today, there's a lot happening in sensor technology – much of it yet unseen I suspect. But I found these two stories the other day and knew you'd want to know more.

And before we dive in, I want to say I'm impressed with InVisage's ability to show off their new sensor technology. Typically we might get some slides or a press release and very little of the excitement of the technology comes thru because well, who wants to try to decipher a press release? Their ability to create behind-the-scenes and a demo video sets them apart for me.

The first is called the “Quantum Dot Sensor Tech” – looks pretty cool tho I'm sure you'll initially look at the sample (especially if you're used to 4k) and say that it is not sharp enough – remember that this is still way early in the development stage!

There are several huge advantages shown here:

  • Increased dynamic range
  • Global shutter so very little to no jello
  • Absorbs more light than silicon – ending up in better low light capabilities

Quantum Dot Sensor Technology – It’s Kind of Like Film?

Via 4K Shooters:

InVisage Technologies Inc., the pioneering camera sensor company, recently debuted “Prix”, a short piece shot entirely with their new smartphone camera sensor based on quantum dot technology, enabling high dynamic range capture and tonality reminiscent of celluloid. This is a rather different beast than the CMOS chip in your BMPCC.

PRIX – The first film shot on QuantumFilm


Here’s how this new exciting technology works:

InVisage QuantumFilm

“Today, filmmakers of all types have access to HD-quality cameras through their smartphones,” said InVisage President and CEO Jess Lee. “However, achieving truly cinematic quality can be difficult without professional-grade cameras. Our expanded dynamic range capability is a major step forward in allowing smartphones to capture the tiniest of details across a wide range of lighting conditions. The results can be seen in ‘Prix,’ a charming short film about children who make their own technological innovations.”

And this video shows off more of the ‘how' behind the tech:

Pretty impressive! But wait! Keep reading there's another story on sensor tech below!

Read full article at 4K Shooters “Quantum Dot Sensor Technology – It’s Kind of Like Film?” [via Cinescophophilia]

The Inventor of the Modern Image Sensor Announces a Breakthrough for Low-Light Photography

Via fstoppers:

Eric Fossum, the inventor of the CMOS image sensor, the sensor in almost every modern digital camera, has teamed up with Jiaju Ma in developing the Quanta Image Sensor (QIS). The QIS represents a significant leap forward in low-light sensitivity that has major implications for both scientific imaging and consumer electronics. Fossum and Thayer note that the Quanta Image Sensor is fundamentally different from complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) and charge coupled device (CCD) sensors, the sensors that have dominated the image industry for years (with CMOS having largely replaced CCD). Whereas traditional sensors have tens of millions of photosites, the QIS aims to have a billion pixels on a sensor of the same size. What makes the pixels special, however, is their extreme sensitivity:

Light consists of photons, little bullets of light that activate our neurons and make us see light. The photons go into the semiconductor and break the chemical bonds between the silicon atoms and when they break a bond, an electron is released. Almost every photon that comes in makes one electron free inside the silicon crystal… We were able to build a new kind of pixel with a sensitivity so high we could see one electron above all the background noise. These new pixels are able to sense and count a single electron for the first time without resorting to extreme measures.

Read full article at fstoppers “The Inventor of the Modern Image Sensor Announces a Breakthrough for Low-Light Photography”

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